Wednesday, March 4, 2015

RideSafer travel vest: A safe car-seat alternative.

Have you ever traveled with little ones to New York City, or anywhere else where you have to rely on taxis? Do you carpool with other parents, who don't always have an extra car or booster seat? Have you ever tried to bring a car seat on vacation? Since we moved from Minnesota to Singapore with our little one, I have experienced every one of these situations. As a Minnesota mom, I am used to driving my own vehicle where my daughter's car seat is properly installed to insure her safety. However, while we're living in Singapore, we don't have a car and we have to rely on public transportation (mostly taxis and friends' cars) to get us from point A to point B. It's just not practical to drag a bulky car seat and a 3-year-old from place to place, having to install the car seat every time. This is especially true when you need to bring a stroller with as well. Can you imagine trying to juggle all of this EVERY time you need to do a quick grocery run, go to a play-date, get to school, etc.?!

No way, man.

Recently, I found the perfect alternative to our bulky car seat. The RideSafer Travel Vest is a convenient, portable, and legal way to ensure your child's safety in a vehicle when a car seat just isn't an option. It's crash-tested and suitable for kids as young as 3 years old, and at least 30 lbs. I carry our RideSafer Travel Vest in my bag with me everywhere we go in Singapore, and it just slips on like a jacket when we need to hop in a taxi. Once the vest is on, you simply thread the seatbelt through the vest's shoulder and lap straps, and click the seatbelt just like you would normally. Sure it's easier to be able to jump into your own vehicle, where your child's car seat is already installed, but when that's not an option, the RideSafer Travel Vest is the next best thing!

I have seen too many small children riding around in cars while completely unrestrained in Singapore. While that has never been an option for us, I have never felt safe putting our 3-year-old in only a seatbelt in a taxi. When I heard about the RideSafer Travel Vest, I had a million questions. Is the vest REALLY safe? Is it legal? Can I use it on an airplane? All of my questions were answered on the website's FAQ page, and after considering our other options, we decided to get one. Our 3-year-old wears her vest on the school bus, in our friends' cars, and every time we're in a taxi. Yes, I'd rather have my own car with Linna's car seat properly installed in Singapore, but that's just not an option. We feel very confident knowing our daughter is traveling safely each time we get into a taxi.

It was the videos on the RideSafer website that sealed the deal for me. The videos show the comparison between a child in a booster seat, and a child in a RideSafer Travel Vest. When I compared those videos to the video below of a child wearing only a seatbelt, the decision to purchase a RideSafer Travel Vest was an easy one to make.

Purchase Info:

Price - $110 - $149
Easily available online


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