Wednesday, October 19, 2016


We're giving away a pair of tickets to the return of Cinderella to the Children's Theatre Company stage! This hilarious and magical show runs November 8th, 2016 - January 8th, 2017, at the Children's Theatre Company in Minneapolis. For your chance to win two tickets to the show, simply "like" our Minnesota Baby page on Facebook, share our Cinderella ticket giveaway post with your Facebook friends, or comment on the Facebook post telling us why you want to see the show! We will randomly select one winner on Friday, October 21st at 8 p.m., and announce the winner on our Facebook page. The winner will receive two ticket vouchers, to be redeemed through the Children's Theatre Company's ticket office (subject to show date and time availability). Good luck!

Tickets to Cinderella start at just $15, and can be purchased online, or by calling (612) 874-0400.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Family photos with whitney beth abrahamson.

The Saigh Family, October 2016
When I find an up-and-coming, talented photographer, I snatch them up while I still can. Because in one snap of a camera lens, these budding stars become impossible to book with, as they turn into high-demand photographers overnight. Case in point, Whitney Beth Abrahamson.

I was introduced to Whitney through one of my girlfriends, after seeing photos of her family that Whitney had captured. These photos of my friend's family were absolutely beautiful, and I loved Whitney's use of natural light, candid moments, and natural settings. Since my family hadn't had a photo session together since Jameson was born, I decided to book a fall shoot with Whitney.

Whitney is a young, friendly, easy-going, and talented photographer who came to our home, and completed our photo-shoot in under an hour. Like many dads we know, Papa Saigh is not a fan of photo shoots, and gets super annoyed when he has to be involved in an unnecessarily long session... Especially when he starts getting too hot and starts to sweat. Whitney did a fantastic job keeping our shoot moving, avoiding a Saigh kiddo meltdown, and a crabby Papa Saigh. She sent me a couple sneak-peek photos immediately after our shoot, and had a link to our photos emailed to me within a week.

I had such a hard time choosing my favorite photos from the edited shots she sent to me, and I absolutely LOVE the photos of our kids. I would highly recommend Whitney to any family looking for an affordable, speedy, and professional photo session in the Twin Cities. If you book a shoot with Whitney through the end of the year (2016), and mention our blog (Minnesota Baby), she will give you 10% OFF any shoot! Take a look at the magic she captured when she shot with our family...

Baby Jimmy & Papa Saigh

Linna (age 5) & Jameson (10 months)

Our little Jimmy.

Our gorgeous girl.

Real life.

That's a wrap!
Whitney Beth Photography
Instagram: @WhitneyAbrahamson

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

DIY with mama saigh: Halloween decor.

People often ask me if I actually enjoying DIY-ing "everything". My answer is simply...

Hell. No.

While I do love making and putting together my own party, home, and holiday decor, I'm also a busy mom and wife, and I don't have the time to make everything myself. Halloween is a perfect example. I made a few cheesecloth ghosts with our 5-year-old, and screwed some old boards together to make a chalkboard sign, but other than that my "crafting" was minimal. I hit up a few of my favorite stores to buy some Halloween decorations, and pulled together some simple home decor for our dining room tablescape and mantle.

This week, I was back on The Jason Show with some Halloween decor ideas...

I showcased some "crafty" ideas for those of us who enjoy a little DIY, as well as some simple ideas that don't require any of the "dirty work". I truly feel that there's a Martha Stewart in all of us, but she doesn't have to show her skills every day. Because, let's be honest... That's NOT real life.


I love me some white pumpkins, as well as a tablescape that will get me from September to November. This tablescape was SO easy to throw together. I found this neutral woven table runner at Target on clearance for $11. The hallow wood balls are also from Target, and I use them all year round. Then, I went to my local Jo-Ann Fabrics and Craft Store to pick up some white candles in a glass votive, and a couple varieties of "fake" hydrangeas. Jo-Ann Fabrics always has a good sale going on, or a 50% off coupon to use. After a pretty extensive search, I finally found mini white pumpkins at Trader Joes for like $.69 each (Target was asking almost $6 a pop for these little guys). And the antlers... Mills Fleet Farm! They have fake and real deer antlers of all shapes and sizes, and these bad boys added some beautiful rustic texture to my fall tablescape!

Our fall/Halloween tablescape, with our DIY cheesecloth ghosts on the back hutch.
Party City is my go-to store for easy-peasy holiday and party decorating. I found this movable/pose-able skeleton at Party City, and sat him on our porch in a rocking chair, waving to all of our neighbors. I put a top hat on his head, and a black crow in his lap to add a little more Halloween flair. Party City also had these great giant skulls that I put on top of some sheet moss in our planters.

Trick-Or-Treat! See, not everything needs to be DIY or crafty.
I found these cool paper mache skulls at Jo-Ann Fabrics, on sale for like $3 each. I also picked up two apothecary jars and a bag of Spanish moss, to create some spooky and simple "skulls in jars" for our fireplace mantle.

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My 5-year-old and I made these adorable cheesecloth ghosts one day after school. All you need is a water bottle and a ball (or something similar to make the ghost forms), wax paper, cheesecloth, fabric stiffener, and some black felt (or something similar to make the eyes). While this is a messy craft, it's also simple and fun. I've posted the directions on how to make these freestanding cheesecloth ghosts at home, on the blog!

By screwing a few pieces of scrap wood/boards together, and painting the front with chalkboard paint, I was able to make a Halloween chalkboard for trick-or-treaters. Using this sign, I can let trick-or-treaters know that "we have candy", and when our "candy bowl is empty". Plus, once we put the kids to bed on Halloween, we can leave a bowl of candy out on the porch, along with the chalkboard sign reading, "Please help yourself. Our little goblins are sleeping, so please don't ring the doorbell."

Friday, October 7, 2016

DIY with mama saigh: Cheesecloth ghosts.

Our 5-year-old loves doing craft projects. So, I put her to work, helping me create some adorable cheesecloth ghosts to add some simple Halloween flair to the inside of our home. While this project does get messy, it's pretty simple and inexpensive. Make sure you have an open area, and a sink nearby to rinse away the mess. Here's what you'll need...

- Cheesecloth
- Fabric Stiffener
- Water
- Water bottle and a ball (or something similar to create the ghost form)
- Wax paper
- Black felt (or something for the eyes)
- Tape

Place balls on top of water bottles, and secure with tape. I put water in some of the empty water bottles, to prevent the forms from tipping over. Place the water bottle forms on top of wax paper. Next, if your fabric stiffener is thick, mix equal parts fabric stiffener and water in a bowl. Then, cut the cheese cloth into square pieces that are large enough to drape over your forms. Saturate your cheesecloth pieces (one by one) in the fabric stiffener mixture, and squeeze out excess liquid. Then, drape your pieces of cheesecloth over the water bottle forms. If you want a very transparent-looking ghost, you only need one or two piece of cheesecloth per ghost form. Use more layers of cheesecloth for a more "solid-looking" ghost.

Let the ghosts dry until hard, then carefully remove them from the forms. Cut and paste eyes onto the ghosts, and ta-da!
Aren't they adorable?! 

I love how these little ghosts add a simple, spooky vibe to our mantle above the fireplace.
Happy Halloween!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Baby Jimmy: 10-month update.

He answers to "Bob", "Jimmo", "Jim Bob", "Jimmy", and "Jameson". How and why our baby boy has so many nick-names... I have no idea.

Jimmy, 10 months old.

Baby Jimmy is now 10 months old, and is quite the opposite of his big sister. He is rough, has absolutely no fear of heights, and is such a spaz. He started crawling last month, and for the last couple weeks he's been trying to stand up on his own. He gets up on his hands and feet, then gets into a sumo squat, and can balance in that squat, hands-free. When he tries to stand up, he just falls back on his butt. Jimmy's big sister Linna didn't even start crawling until she was almost 10 months old, and didn't take her first steps until she was almost 16 months old. I have a feeling that Jimmy will be walking before he turns one.

Siblings: Linna and Jimmy.

Air show and pancake breakfast in Mankato.

Jimmy absolutely loves his big sister, but the "novelty" of having a baby brother has worn off a bit for Linna. Linna recently started carrying Jimmy around the house, which made my stomach turn when she first did it, but she is so cautious of Jimmy when he's near a staircase or something that could hurt him. No matter what Linna does, Jimmy finds it hilarious.

Jimmy is not a fan, however, of loud noises. From the sounds of vacuums, to dogs barking, Jimmy's eyes become the size of saucers and he starts shaking from fear. If Jimmy is home when I need to vacuum, I have to hold him while trying to clean. If our neighbor's dog barks, he can't crawl to me fast enough for a cuddle. We're trying to break his fear by making loud noises in the house often, and making it a positive experience. I think he might have super sensitive hearing, because the kid can hear everything. He does, however, love when his Papa says "Jim Bob Tor-TON!" in a loud baseball announcer voice. I don't remember when of how it started, but Papa Saigh loves calling Jimmy "Jim-Bob Torton".

(Jimmy vs. a popcorn bag. Such a spaz.)

(Jimmy says "ball".)

When it comes to food, Jimmy is eating just about everything. Although some days he's pickier than others, he loves raspberries, hotdogs, frozen peas, smoothies (avocado, whole plain yogurt, banana, and orange juice), and Lara Bars. He is also a very good sleeper, which is something he has in common with his sister. Both of our kids are in bed by 6/6:30 p.m. every night, and they sleep until 6:30 a.m. Jimmy takes a morning and afternoon nap every day, and each average about 1.5 to 2 hours. He makes it very obvious when he's tired, because it's just about the only time he cries (although he does whine alot). He has an 8 oz. bottle before his morning nap, an 8 oz. bottle before his afternoon nap, and an 8 oz. bottle before bed. He's drinking formula, as well as whole milk (pediatrician approved), and he's a pro at slamming water, milk, and juice out of a sippy cup. Jimmy goes to sleep very easily with his pacifier ("wah") and blanket ("snugs"), right after he has his bottle. I'm am so thankful for my two great sleepers.

Family walks to our neighborhood park.

Yes, he did this. I went up to check on Jimmy because he was sleeping in an awkward position, and when I walked
into his room, he was covered in poop. He had even EATEN some. So many things were thrown into the garbage
that day. I still can't believe this happened!

Jimmy at his 9-month check-up. He was 19 lbs. 6 oz., and 29 inches long.

Since Linna is at school all day now, Jimmy and I get to spend a lot of one-on-one time together. He is into absolutely anything he can get his hands on, but he's also starting to understand the word "no". He's learning about the things he is not supposed to touch, and when he even gets close to those things, he looks at me as if he's waiting for me to tell him "no". He's a smart little cookie. His favorite word is "ball", and loves playing with anything that has wheels. His favorite toys right now are his musical zebra ("Zara"), trains, trucks, and tractors. Jimmy also loves the bath, and is in the tub every night because he's an incredibly messy eater. He has no fear of water, loves splashing, and is even trying to stand up in the tub. Linna gets in the tub after Jimmy, and Jimmy loves to sit in the bathroom so he can laugh at his big sister being silly in the tub. Linna won't take a bath with her baby brother though, unless I rinse all the food off of him first, and make sure there isn't any floating food in the tub.

His third haircut at 8 months old.

(Jimmy trying to stand at 10 months old.)

Our little man is growing up way too fast, and it makes my head spin when I think that he will be a year old in about a month and a half. With every haircut (he's had 4 in 10 months), he looks more and more like a little boy, and less like a baby. I have a feeling this little guy is going to keep me on my toes the older he gets!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

DIY with mama saigh: Fall home-decor.

Fall is my favorite time of year. The air is crisp, but the weather is still warm during the day, and chilly at night. It's the season that Papa Saigh and I were married (swoon!).

Fall simply screams "cozy"... And boots!

Right after Labor Day weekend, I pull out the plaid throws, shop for gourds and white pumpkins, and get our front porch ready for this inviting season. Wednesday, I was back on The Jason Show with some DIY fall home-decor ideas, that our family put together this year...

A rocking chair is a staple porch-piece for fall. We found ours at Lowe's for under $100. Drape a warm, plaid,
trow-blanket (IKEA) over the back to add some texture, and surround it with baskets, pumpkins, lanterns (IKEA), and crates (IKEA) filled with burlap and gourds. You can also get a little crafty, by making your own burlap pillow! The DIY burlap pillow isn't a Mama Saigh "original", so I used The SITSgirls tutorial to help me out.

Getting ready to stuff my "thankful" pillow.

I'm also making a "boo" pillow for Halloween. A foam brush comes in handy when filling in your traced, stencil letters.

I cannot keep plants in my planters alive... To save my life (ha!). I'm trying, but so far my attempts have been miserable.
So, this fall, instead of planting actual plants in my urn-style planter, I decided to "go green". This "no-planting planter" adds a modern richness to our porch, in a fail-proof planter that will last throughout the fall. No watering required!

All you need is a great planter (we love our urn-style planter from Lowe's), some sheet moss, styrofoam
balls (Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores has green, as well as white styrofoam balls), scissors, and a glue gun. Simply
wrap each ball in the sheet moss, using the glue gun as an adhesive. The sheet moss is messy, so be prepared for shedding!

And finally, the project that only took me 30 minutes to complete. My fall burlap wreath. I bought everything I
needed for this DIY project from Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts (a wire wreath-form, burlap ribbon, and some pipe cleaners).
I love this black, fall-leaves print on the burlap ribbon I used (bonus, it was 50% off). If my demo on The Jason Show
didn't make sense, check out this "how-to" video". 
Happy fall, ya'll!