Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Linna sings songs from disney's frozen.

Sure we're a little tardy to the party on the whole Disney's Frozen fad, but our 3-year-old is currently obsessed with EVERYTHING Frozen. She sings "Let it Go" and "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" all day... every day. It's pretty much her "Shake it Off" replacement. Her other favs at the moment... "Bang Bang", "Black Widow", and "Animal". I blame this on our spending almost two months in Minnesota driving around listening to the radio. I know, I know... Mom of the Year! Hey, at least we're over Barney:)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Santa in singapore.

Today, I took Linna to see Santa in Singapore. Papa Saigh is in the Philippines for work, and he HATES Singapore malls on the weekend, so I thought I'd check this one off our list while he's out of town. This is the first time we're spending Christmas away from home, so I thought we'd show Linna that Santa comes to Singapore too. The last couple years, Linna has wanted NOTHING to do with sitting on Santa's lap. Last year, at the Macy's Santa Breakfast, Linna let me hold her while she talked to Santa. This year, she was SO excited to see Santa, and she even brought him a treasure map. She's such a character! She walked right up to Santa (who wasn't Asian, much to my surprise), sat on his lap and told him she wanted more Calico Critters (her lateset obsession). I'm hoping Santa doesn't listen, because she has a room FULL of Calico Critters, thanks to Uncle Scotty, Aunt Holly, and my Mom and Dad. Linna also thought it was pretty spectacular that Santa remembered her name when we walked by him a second time to say goodbye... AND Santa knew how to pronounce her name (most people in Singapore call her "LEE-Nah" instead of "Lynn-ah"). This was a very quick, but magical experience for both of us!

Linna and Santa at Tanglin Mall in Singapore.

Unlike in Minnesota, Tanglin Mall (where we went to see Santa) pretty much makes you buy a photo package in order to sit on Santa's lap. They don't allow parents to do their own photography, but Mama Saigh rolled video anyway. I bought the cheapest photo package (two 4X6 photos for $19.95), and I admit that the elves did a great job getting a good photo of Linna on Santa's lap. I took a pic of the pic they took, so I could post it on here:)

Waiting in line. So happy we got there early because
the line was SO long after we got through.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

FOX 9: Holiday gift ideas for everyone on your nice list.


Mama Saigh is back on The FOX 9 Buzz Tuesday, featuring some fantastic holiday gift ideas for just about everyone on your "nice" list. Click on the video above to watch the full video of the entire segment. Below are links to each of the products featured in the segment. Happy shopping!

1. Carver Junk Company

2. Amazon Fire TV

3. Bespoke Post Subscription Boxes

4. Pop Sugar Must Have Subscription Boxes

5. Mantry Subscription Boxes

6. Stitch Fix Subscription Boxes

7. Plonk Wine Club

8. Craft Beer Club

9. Minnetonka Moccasin

10. Extrados

11. Weleda

12. Aveda 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mommy sleepovers.

Our group (from left to right): Clark, Arleigh, Lilah, Nolan, Bri, JJ, Taylor, Jamie, Jake, Mama Saigh, and Linna

I have some of the best mommy-friends ever. You know you surround yourself with good people when you actually look forward to having sleepovers with these ladies AND their kiddos. I have three girlfriends that I spend a lot of time with when we're in Minnesota. I met Bri about five years ago when I was working at Twin Cities Live (I produced her segments), I met Arleigh about 10 years ago when we competed in pageants together, and I've known Jamie since college. When I would produce children's fashion or maternity segments on Twin Cities Live, I would often ask these girls and their cute kiddos to be my models. This is how we all started hanging out together. Between the four of us, we currently have seven kids who have basically grown up together. The oldest is Taylor who is almost five, and the youngest is Jake who is seven months old.

Our first sleepover about a year ago at Bri's house.
Linna and Lilah making ice cream sundaes at our sleepover last night.

I love this photo. THIS is how real parents do sleepovers.

Linna, Clark, Baby Jake, Taylor, and JJ cuddled up to watch a movie.

It's not very often that you find a group of moms that completely click like we do. There's nothing pretentious or fake about these girls. They are REAL. Our conversations are real, and we're very honest with each other. We feel comfortable showing up to our playdates in dirty yoga pants, and rarely wear make-up around each other. I look forward to being back in Minnesota, so we can have our sleepovers at one of our houses with all the kids.

This sounds crazy, right?!

Beautiful Taylor, the cat, and the pajama twins Lilah and Linna.
Linna set up her beauty shop during the sleepover.
See all the sprinkles on the floor?! Letting a 2 and 3-year old control the sprinkles wasn't the BEST idea.

These sleepovers are therapy for me. The kids play, and the mommies drink wine and chat. We did our first sleepover about a year ago, when most of the kids were still babies. We had four baby monitors and the same amount of pack n' plays set up in Bri's house. Sleep was one thing we went without. This time around, the kids are older, and the moms are a little more relaxed. Jamie hosted last night's sleepover at her home in Woodbury, and her husband Tom even hung out with the girls (while babysitting the kids - thanks Tom!). I made a mousakka, Jamie made chicken nuggets, tater tots, and movie snack-packs for the kids, and if I told you how many bottles of wine were consumed... CPS would probably be notified. But that's the beauty of these sleepovers... It's a REALLY fun happy hour, and no one has to drive home! See, we ARE completely responsible parents.

Honestly though, if you have a group of mommy-friends that you completely click with... try a mommy sleepover. The hard work that comes with parenting, deserves to be rewarded!

Monday, November 24, 2014

GIVEAWAY: Magic fairy door.

Our 3-year-old Linna, checking out her Magic Fairy Door.
 *** Congratulations to NORI STAUPE-HART! You're the winner of a fairy or elf door from the Magic Door Store. Please email us ASAP (minnesotababyinfo@gmail.com) with your phone number and full mailing address, so we can verify and get your prize shipped out to you. Thanks for participating everyone, and stay tuned for another giveaway coming up VERY SOON! ***

Isn't this little magic fairy door the cutest thing you've ever seen? We ordered this tiny door from the Magic Door Store while we were in Singapore, in an attempt to get our 3-year-old to stay in her bed at night. When the magic door arrived, we set it up on the wall (it comes with easily removable sticky tack) and told her this:

"If you stay in your bed all night long, little magical fairies will come into your bedroom while you're sleeping and leave you presents outside their magic fairy door!".

Linna was completely memorized by the idea of tiny fairies living just beyond the magic door, AND our plan worked (for the most part)! She'd go to sleep at night without a fight, and wake up in her bed so she could find presents outside the fairy door. I'd leave anything from a small cookie on a small plate, a couple fruit snacks wrapped up in paper and ribbon, but the present I'd leave was usually food. Our magic door also came with a tiny bottle of "fairy dust" (glitter) that I'd often sprinkle around the door as well.

We love our Fairy Door SO much, that we've decided to team up with the Magic Door Store's founder to give one to one of YOU! Here's how to enter for your chance to win:

1. Comment on this blog post with your first and last name, and the current city, state, and/or country that you reside in. Limit one comment/entry per person on the blog.

2. Share our Facebook and re-tweet our Twitter post of this giveaway with your friends and followers. Limit one Facebook share and one Twitter re-tweet per person please. Each share/re-tweet will count as an entry. 

All entries must be received by 8 p.m. on Sunday, November 30th. One winner will be randomly selected to win a Fairy Door or Elf Door from the Magic Door Store. This contest is open to all areas of the world, and our winner will be announced on this blog.

The founder of The Magic Door Store is a mom of two, and her company is headquartered in London. You can get a Magic Fairy Door or Magic Elf Door for under $25USD (20EUR), and it will be shipped to you all the way from England, just in time for the holidays! The doors come in a variety of colors, and accessories are sold separately as well.

Friday, November 21, 2014

My biological father died today.

Photo courtesy of my Uncle Mark Boyle's blog. My biological father is
on the left, Mark is in the middle, and my Grandpa Joe is on the right.
Under "normal" circumstances, a human being would be devastated to have to say or write the words, "My biological father died today". Call me cold or even heartless, but when I found out this afternoon that my biological father passed away, I really didn't feel anything. The entire situation is just… weird.

I'm writing this blog post because I feel a sort of obligation to myself to at least try to put into words how I feel. This blog has basically been a diary of the last four years of my life, and I find it sort of therapeutic to just spill my thoughts into actual words that I can look back on. So... here I go.

I'm just going to write.

I haven't seen my biological father (Scott) in 30 years. I don't know how old he is, I don't know if he remarried after he and my mom divorced, and sadly, I don't have any good memories of him. He left my brother (Scotty) and I when we were babies, and my mom was forced to raise us on her own. He never paid my mom child support, and caused my mom a lot of stress when they were married. The last and really only memory I have of my biological father, was when I was about five years old. This memory is still very vivid. I was mad at my mom about something that she wouldn't let me do, so I told her that I wanted to call "my dad" and go live with him. I remember my mom picking up the phone, dialing a number, and handing me the phone in anger, saying, "FINE. YOU call him."

I couldn't understand why my mom was so angry, because on the other end of the phone I had my biological father telling me how much he missed me and my baby brother. He asked me if I liked stuffed animals. I said yes. Without hesitation, he promised to send me a bag filled with stuffed animals, and I happily hung up the phone. I waited for those stuffed animals every day for a month.

They never came.

Growing up, I had a really hard time understanding how the person who helped create me, wanted no involvement in my life. Sadly, I later learned that my biological father is/was a drug-addict and alcoholic, who basically lived homeless for much of his adult life. He lived life chasing his addictions. It was his addiction that had him wondering the streets, and virtually unreachable when his mom (my Grandma Joni) became ill with, and eventually died from lung cancer. He didn't even attend her funeral.

Fortunately, we've remained close with my biological father's side of the family (my Aunt Laura, my Uncle Mark, and my late Grandma Joni). They've respected my brother and my wishes to not have contact with our biological father, but I'm grateful that they kept us updated with the prognosis of his illness. My biological father spent much of his adult years connected to a colostomy bag, after his organs started to rebel against his many years of drug and alcohol abuse. He lost his almost life-long battle with addiction, and died of liver cancer just about a month after being diagnosed.

Although I feel like I've had my own closure on my relationship with my biological father, my heart hurts for my Uncle Mark (his brother), Aunt Laura (his sister), and my Grandpa Joe (his dad). I know they are all hurting, and my thoughts are with them. While I've spent so many years feeling angry toward my biological father, and while there are still questions I have that will never be answered… I am thankful for him. Without him, there wouldn't be a me, or my brother. Part of me feels sad for him. It's sad that he never took the opportunity to embrace the gift of being a father. He missed out on two amazing weddings, and the birth of his beautiful grandchild. It's incredibly sad how addiction can take over, and cause a person to be absent from so much life and greatness.

My Aunt Laura once told me that while my biological father was a sh*tty dad, he was an amazing brother. The tragedy in this entire situation is that my brother and I never got to know "that" guy. But I think my brother and I got the good end of the deal, because we have an incredible step-dad who loves us like we are his biological kids. HE is our Dad, and always will be. I am so incredibly thankful that my Dad (Dale) decided to enter our lives, and help shape us into the productive members of society that I feel my brother and I are today. I'm also thankful for my mom. SO thankful. While she kept us from the hurt and pain that would have been the life with our biological father, she kept us connected to his brother, sister, and mom who are still a part of our lives today.

Anyway. It's always sad when someone dies. But, what's even more sad is the sense of loss my brother and I felt growing up, knowing our birth-father wanted nothing to do with us. Part of me wishes the entire situation would have been different, but that same part of me is thankful that is wasn't.

Rest in peace Scott T. Boyle.


Your daughter Melissa

Monday, November 17, 2014

3-year pediatrician check-up.

Photo left: 2-week-old Linna. Photo right: 3-year-old Linna. Both photos taken in the same pediatrician's office!
Three months late, but at least we got her in before she turned 4. Today, Linna had her 3-year pediatrician check-up in Minnesota. Even though we moved to Singapore, we kept the same pediatrician that she's had since day one, simply because we love Dr. Freehill. Linna got her flu vaccine (nasal) today, but wasn't due for any other vaccines (yay, no shots!). She's coasting right along the middle percentile range for weight, height, and BMI, and she got to have her blood pressure, vision, and hearing checked today too. This was Linna's first hearing-test since she was a newborn in the hospital, and to be honest... I'm not exactly sure how it went. The nurse told Linna to say "beep" when she heard a "beep" sound in her headphones, but I think Linna was too shy to tell the nurse when she heard the beep. I'm hoping it's not because she can't actually hear. I'm not too worried, but still following up in the morning.

The most shocking thing Linna's pediatrician told me today is that Linna has a heart murmur. WHAT?! A heart murmur?! This news was followed up with, "It's not something you need to worry about.".

Duuuuurrrrrr... Come again?!

Photo left: Linna just one day old, getting her hearing checked. Photo right: Linna at 3 years old having a hearing test.

Linna's pediatrician explained to me that she heard an extra sound in Linna's regular heartbeat pattern. She referred to it as an "innocent murmur", and apparently it's pretty common in young kids, and they usually just grow out of them. She told me that she was not the least bit concerned, and she was only telling me about it in case we are overseas and another doctor tells us that Linna has a heart murmur. The pediatrician wanted me to simply be aware and not shocked (like I was today), which I completely respect. But you can bet your bottom dollar that I Googled the sh*t out of "3-year-olds and heart murmur" when we got home from the doctor this afternoon. I often say that I have my M.D. from the accredited World Wide Web "Institution" (which most moms have, right?!), and my research tells me that 90-percent of kids age 4 to 7 with a "normal" heart, actually have an innocent murmur. She should outgrow it, and there are no extra precautions we need to take, no restrictions on her physical activities, and it's actually best to expose her to and encourage regular exercise to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Funny how a super scary word can freak a mom out, and end up being absolutely nothing to worry about. But, we still worry. Oh the joys of motherhood...

Linna's 3-year-old stats:

Weight - 33 lbs. (63%)
Height - 38 in. (58%)
BMI - 16 (64%)
Blood pressure - 80/42