Friday, October 30, 2015

My favorite maternity pieces from stitch fix.

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Not every piece that I've received in my Stitch Fix packages has made the cut, but it's safe to say that I'm pretty much in love with this personal styling service. When you're feeling huge and overly-pregnant, it can be difficult to try to make yourself look good, and actually FEEL good about your appearance. Stitch Fix took the work out of putting cute maternity looks together. I always aim for comfort when I'm pregnant, so I basically have been living in leggings, maxi dresses, and wrap sweaters during this pregnancy. But it's tough finding decent, comfortable, and quality maternity leggings... Leggings that a preggo can LIVE in, AND look good in. I'll be wearing all of the maternity Stitch Fix pieces I've purchased even after this baby is born, but I am looking forward to getting back into regular clothes too! Here are the Stitch Fix pieces I kept, and basically lived in during this pregnancy...

Great color in this Loveappella maternity top, paired with my navy RUNE maternity leggings.

This Market & Spruce top actually minimized my growing bust-line. And I seriously LIVED
in these RUNE maternity leggings until Stitch Fix sent me a second black pair (without the zipper). So comfy!

I will wear this navy and white striped Market & Spruce maternity maxi, FOREVER!

Love the color in this Full Moon Maternity top, and the Mavi maternity jeans (skinny)
couldn't be more comfortable. They're almost like wearing leggings!

Cool and comfortable maternity tank by Loveaappella, paired with my Mavi skinny jeans,
and a wrap sweater that I wore during my first pregnancy (Target).

Love these black maternity pants from Stitch Fix (unknown brand), paired with a simple white, striped
tank, and a wrap sweater from Fly MN Boutique.

36 weeks pregnant, wearing my comfy black maternity leggings from Stitch Fix, a white maternity
shirt from Target, and my favorite burnt orange and navy wrap sweater by Market & Spruce.
One of the great things about Stitch Fix, is that a stylist selects five pieces for you during each of your requested shipments, and you only keep what you want. There's an enclosed bag with a pre-paid shipping label that you toss your unwanted pieces in, and set them outside for your postal worker to pick up and return. Super easy! You can also earn FREE clothing by having friends and family use your referral link when they sign up for their first Stitch Fix package!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Easy dinner recipe: Butternut squash ravioli.

I served frozen pizza for dinner two out of seven nights this past week. So last night, I decided to step it up a notch... Kinda. I picked up a package of Butternut Squash Trangoli from Trader Joes, and whipped up a quick, homemade, creamy, sage sauce. Both Papa Saigh and I drooled over this dinner, and it's seriously inexpensive and simple! It's also meatless (for those who care), but my meat-loving husband was completely satisfied. Have I mentioned how much I love being back home in Minnesota, just so I can shop at Trader Joes?!


Package of Trader Joes Butternut Squash Ravioli
Half and Half (about a cup)
Butter (about a TBSP)
Flour (about a TBSP)
Fresh sage (I used a couple TBSP, finely chopped)
Parmesan cheese (about 1/2 or 3/4 cup)
Salt and pepper (to taste)

Bring a pot of water to a boil and cook the pasta for about 5 minutes. In a saucepan, combine all the ingredients, and simmer until semi-thick. Add the Parmesan cheese last. Serve pasta with the sauce on top. So delicious!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Baby saigh #2 pregnancy: 34 & 35 weeks.

35 weeks and 6 days. Don't mind the clutter in the background.
Our upstairs construction project is almost done:)
Well, after almost a month of coughing, adult-diaper wearing, and little sleep, I'm finally starting to feel better. I actually went back into urgent care last week, because I was still feeling completely run down, and my cough was just as bad. I was put on a round of antibiotics, and while it hasn't completely cleared up my cough, I am feeling more human. My doctor has basically told me that I'll have this cough until the baby is born, because my lungs can't expand down to clear with the baby taking up all the room that it is. Awesome. While I'm thankful that I am feeling better, this "sickness" (whatever it is) has me looking forward to this baby's birth. It's been so hard to enjoy my pregnancy while feeling incredibly run-down, and not having control over what used to be basic bodily functions.

It's sad in a way.

While I used to want to have at least three kids, right now, I can't imagine ever wanting to be pregnant again. I am so thankful for this baby, but I am so excited to get it out of my belly. He or she has outgrown its current home, as I feel like the baby is already standing on my hip bones while digging other body parts into my upper ribs. Some of these movements seriously take my breath away. I often feel like the baby's fingers or toes are coming out of my va-jay-jay, and other times I have so much pressure in my nether-regions that I feel like the baby is just going to fall out. I'm still carrying pretty high, so I don't think the baby has "dropped" yet. It's hard to tell right now whether or not this baby will come early like his or her sister (Linna was 2 weeks early), or wait until it's Thanksgiving Day due-date (November 26th).

I've been having irregular Braxton Hicks contractions, where my belly becomes incredibly tight. My belly button has pretty much flattened out, but hasn't "popped" out yet. Three people in the last couple days have said that my belly has "popped" a lot more this past week. I don't know how I can get any bigger. My acid reflux is giving me a rough time too, especially at night. I actually had to get up to vomit in the middle of the night earlier this week. Fun, huh?! Between the nightly acid reflux episodes, the 4-year-old sleeping in our bed, and the baby's crazy movements, sleep has been hard to come by... Which has turned me into a super patient and easy-going mama (insert sarcasm). Dealing with our emotional and drama-filled daughter hasn't been easy for me these last few weeks. There's been plenty of days where I've wanted to throw in the towel, which is why I'm thinking that two kids will be the max that this mama can handle.

Super sweet moment this week. Linna got to meet our friends' newest baby (Reid Bell)
on 10/28/15, and she loved every minute of it. She was upset when she had to give the baby
back to Mama Bell so she could feed him. Linna is going to be such a wonderful big sister!

I'm excited to regain ownership of my body. Call me ungrateful, but I'm just ready to get this baby OUT! People always tell me how much I'll miss my "bump" once the baby is born, but I'm just not thinking that way right now. I've forgotten what it's like for my hips not to hurt, and what it feels like to NOT have a bowling ball falling out my my crotch while chasing around a 4-year-old. I'm desperate to feel "normal" again. I'm SO looking forward to spending two days in the hospital after this baby is born... Just me and the baby. We've had so much going on with the new house, Papa Saigh away in Singapore for 2 months, and our crazy-busy schedules, that it will be nice to "regroup" and bond with the new baby... ALONE. I've already told Papa Saigh that my hospital stay will be a little vacation for me, while he hangs out with our 4-year-old. How funny/sad is it that I'm actually considering a hospital stay with a newborn, a vacation?!

I have my 36-week check-up with my OBGYN tomorrow, where I'll have my first vag exam and a Group B streptococcus screening. I'm looking forward to see if I'm dilated at all, and if the baby has dropped. On Saturday, we'll be touring a hospital/birthing center closer to our new house. Nothing like waiting until the last minute to figure out where we want to have this baby. He or she is already about 6 lbs.! We're in the final home-stretch now!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fall in minnesota doesn't get more beautiful than this.

I feel so happy to be back home in Minnesota at one of the most beautiful times of the year. I don't think the weather could be more perfect, or the colors more vibrant this fall. There is a spot on one of the trails in our new neighborhood that I'm absolutely in love with. I drive and/or walk by it every day, and it literally looks like it's glowing in the morning. Linna and I walked to this spot today to take some pictures, because it's one of those things I'd wished I would have done, if I didn't just take the 20 minutes to actually do it...

Linna, age 4.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Baby saigh #2 pregnancy: 33 weeks.

Hospital gowns are HOT.
Woof. This week has been a crazy one. I came down with a really rough cough this week, and have been having a hard time breathing when doing simple things... like walking. Seriously, I sound like a 800-pound, heavy smoker when I walk up a flight of stairs, I'm talking about a cough SO awful, that I was peeing myself when trying to control it.

For. Reals.

This may be one of my most honest blog moments ever... so brace yourself. But, I've had to resort to wearing pads and even adult diapers during my coughing episodes. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, huh?! Poor Papa Saigh had to not ONLY come home from Singapore this week to a sick wife, but a sick wife who's spending her days and nights in Depends.

Ah, the romance.

To make sure I didn't have anything serious, I popped into urgent care on Monday after I dropped Linna off at school. My oxygen level was a little low, so they decided to give me an x-ray to test for pneumonia. While that test came back negative, they had to make sure that my breathing issues weren't caused by something as serious as a blood clot in my lung. Doctors sure don't take any chances with pregnant women. They decided to insert in IV needle, and test my blood. I can't remember what exactly they were testing for, but if the test came back positive, they'd have to admit me to the ER for a CAT scan to rule out a blood clot in my lung. I had to call Papa Saigh and calmly tell him the situation, while we arranged for my mom to pick Linna up from school (thanks mom!).

Sure enough, the blood test came back positive (they said it was most likely positive because I was pregnant), and they had to transfer me to the ER and admit me for a CAT scan. Not only was I not thrilled about having an X-Ray done while pregnant, but now a CAT scan?! Better safe than sorry, I guess. They wheeled me down to the CAT scan room, and administered a fluid via my IV that sent a warm sensation through my body. It actually makes you feel like you peed yourself, which I've been used to over the last week. Woof. The CAT scan took just a few minutes, and we had the results back in about an hour.

Big sister Linna and I (33 weeks pregnant) just a few hours before my ER visit, doing a maternity shoot with the incredible Robert Evans and  Nate Anderson of Robert Evans Imagery. These guys made me feel gorgeous, even as I was hacking up my lungs. More photos from this session coming to the blog soon!

Good news. I didn't have anything serious, and was shocked when the doctor sent me home with an inhaler to treat my "bad cold". I can't believe that what I have is just a cold. This "cold" has completely wiped me out. I've been exhausted, out of breath, and super impatient with our 4-year-old because I feel like absolute sh*t. While the inhaler helps me breathe, it makes me feel super jittery, so I hate taking it. I can feel that I am getting better, and am weaning myself off of wearing absorbent undergarments (that sounds better than "adult diapers" or "Depends", right?!). I think sleeping with a humidifier has really helped, since there isn't much I can take medicine-wise while pregnant.

The 4-year-old has really been testing our patience this week too. Linna has been going through so much (moving to a new house, being without Papa Saigh for almost 2 months, Mama Saigh being sick, new school, etc.), and I'm sure she's been feeling a little stressed. Papa Saigh and I have been working together to make sure that she feels the sense of "family" that she's been missing with Papa Saigh being in Singapore, while trying to get her "emotional outbursts" under control as well. We've learned that empathy has been really important when trying to deal with an overly-emotional 4-year-old, and things are finally getting better! But MAN, it was a rough few weeks.

At 33 weeks, our baby is the size of a pineapple and weighs about 4 lbs. It's incredible to think that he or she will be here in about 6 weeks (give or take). Linna still talks to the baby, and gives my belly hugs and kisses every time I drop her off at school. I love when she's her sweet self. It's wonderful to have Papa Saigh home FOR GOOD, as he's able to talk to the baby and start to bond with him or her. Since we just moved into our new house about 2 weeks ago, my father-in-law and Papa Saigh have been busy painting, ripping out carpet to put in hardwood floors, etc. While Linna's room is in order (other than the hardwood floors installation), the nursery is a complete mess. It's painted, but all the furniture is in the middle of the room, the floors have to be done, and I have yet to put away the gender-neutral clothes we have from when Linna was a baby. The planning for this baby's arrival is MUCH different than the nursery we had set up for Linna when I was just 20 weeks pregnant. The Bassinest is set up in our room, and diapers have been purchased, so we'll be fine if the baby decides to come sooner rather than later. But, I'll be so excited to have everything in the nursery finished and in order in the next couple weeks. Can you believe Papa Saigh and his dad are doing all of this work themselves?! They are incredible.

In the midst of all this chaos, Papa Saigh got me my new mom-mobile. I've been driving around in Papa Saigh's "baby" (a 19-90-something Toyota 4-Runner) for the last 3 months since Linna and I have been home from Singapore. I was more than happy to give Papa Saigh back his "baby", and start driving my new Lexus RX. I absolutely love it! My new car almost makes me forget that I've been wearing Depends for the last week.


GIVEAWAY: New humpback whales show at the science museum of minnesota.

*** Congratulations ESTHER KAISER! You are our winner! Please email us ( with your address and phone number so we can confirm and get you your tickets. Thanks again for participating everyone! ***

There's two ways to enter for your chance to win:

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Two simple ways to enter, and if you complete both ways, you'll double your chances to win! You must enter by Monday, October 19th, 2015 at 8 p.m. (CST) to be eligible for a chance to win. One winner will be randomly selected to win 4 tickets to the Science Museum of Minnesota, and the Omni Theater's showing of Humpback Whales. The winner will be announced on this blog. Good luck everyone!

Man, we haven't been to the Science Museum of Minnesota in such a long time. Now that we're back from Singapore (for GOOD!), we'll be making some regular visits. Yesterday, the 4-year-old and I made the trek from Victoria to St. Paul, to see the Omni Theater's brand new showing of Humpback Whales at the Science Museum. It was the first day of the MEA holiday weekend, so I was a little worried about how crowded the Science Museum would be, but other than parking it wasn't the chaotic place I was expecting.

4-year-old Linna learning about infants' vision.

Hands-on activity with a staff member of the Science Museum.

Just putting together some cells.

To my surprise, Linna sat through almost the entire showing of Humpback Whales. It was such a beautiful and educational show, and Linna asked questions throughout. "Why is the baby whale always by his Mama?", "Do the humpback whales eat those fish?", etc. She was full of excellent questions. The film showcased the world's largest mammals on their 10,000 mile annual migration. These animals were on the brink of extinction, and the film shows how people stepped in to save the world's population of humpback whales. We watched as humpback whales work together to trap and eat fish, how their mating act possibly happens (no one has ever witnessed the actual act of humpback whales mating), and how people work to rescue humpback whales from becoming entangled in fishers' nets. Although some parts of the film were pretty loud (tails splashing about in the water), Linna sat calmly through (almost) the entire film. It was such an incredible, up-close look at these amazing animals.

She loved the sound-effects of the sink set-up. Maybe now she'll do dishes at home:)

After the film, we went to check out the new Sherlock Holmes exhibit, and the rest of the Science Museum. Although I saw a lot of older kids enjoying the Sherlock Holmes exhibit, my 4-year-old wasn't very interested. It's a pretty dimly-lit, interactive exhibit, presented chapter by chapter, that makes visitors rely on their powers of observation and deductive reasoning. You can work by yourself, or as a team to figure out whodunit. We bumped into my friend and former co-worker, Emily Engberg, of Twin Cities Live during our visit, and watched her have some fun with a few of the older visitors in the new Sherlock Holmes exhibit. People really seemed to be enjoying it.

Linna and Em from Twin Cities Live.

Linna loved the hands-on activities in the Dinosaur & Fossils, and Math, Physics & Engineering exhibits on level 3. The live demonstrations were also very lively and educational. What I love most about the Science Museum is that it's very hands-on for kids. Parents/caregivers can sit back and relax while their kids independently explore, or take an active interest in what their kids are learning about. We can't wait until our next visit!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Carpet-cleaning deal from pcc carpet & water restoration.

Can't wait to show you guys the "after" photo of this room,
now that we've painted it. These carpets will be torn out
soon, but it's so wonderful to have CLEAN and pet-dander
free carpets for the time being. Thanks PCC!
When we closed on our new house on October 2nd, I was anxious to get in and start unpacking straight away. Papa Saigh was arriving from Singapore on October 10th, and I wanted to be semi-settled when he saw our house for the first time. However, the previous homeowners had a dog, and my allergies were bothering me whenever I was in the house (Papa Saigh has allergies to animals too). The house has carpet on the upper level and up the stairs, so before we could step foot inside our new house, we had to have the carpets DEEP cleaned. One of my mommy friends' family owns PCC Carpet & Water Restoration, so I immediately went to her to see if they were running any sort of promotion. You see, our plan is to rip out the carpet in the next few weeks to install hardwood floors, but we needed the carpets cleaned in the meantime, so we could live allergy-free.

Tim at PCC was able to get me an appointment immediately after our closing at 9 a.m., and he had all of our carpets cleaned and drying by 2 p.m. He was at our house right on time, and was in and out in a little over an hour. All of our carpets were looking like new (and still do) when he was finished, and most importantly, the animal dander was gone! We let the carpets dry (fans and windows open) over night, and we were able to have our movers arrive with our furniture the next day. The way all of this scheduling worked out, couldn't have been better. Now that we've been in our new house for a little over a week, I haven't had any allergy issues. We didn't want to spend a ton of money having carpets cleaned that we are just going to rip out anyway, so the deal we got with PCC was totally worth it. Oh, they use earth, animal, and child-friendly products too.

I was so impressed with our experience with PCC Carpet & Water Restoration, that Tim at PCC is now offering to extend my savings onto you! Through the end of October, you can have two rooms cleaned by PCC for $69 (plus tax - offer good within 20 miles of zip code 55423). Just mention Minnesota Baby to get the deal! There's no monkey business with the pricing at PCC, because the price they give you is the price you get. If you're not happy with the service provided by PCC, and decide to have new carpets installed after your cleaning, they'll subtract your carpet-cleaning cost from the cost of your new carpet installation by PCC. If you're looking to have NEW carpet installed in your home, just mention Minnesota Baby and they'll give you a FREE carpet pad with carpet installation.

PCC is a small, locally-owned company that has been around for over 15 years. From one parent to another, I can highly recommend Tim and his crew at PCC. They really do a fantastic job and are great value for the price you pay!

PCC Carpet & Water Restoration
Check them out on Facebook too!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Baby saigh #2 pregnancy: 32 weeks.

No make-up, painting clothes, and a quick powder room selfie
in the new house, with my photo-bombing 4-year-old.
I really hate to admit this, but it was very difficult to enjoy my pregnancy this week. Not only am I super uncomfortable, but we moved into our new house this week (while Papa Saigh is still in Singapore), and Linna (the 4-year-old) has really been testing my patience. While I am so incredibly thankful to FINALLY be in our OWN home and out of my parents' basement, there is SO much unpacking, painting, etc., that needs to be done. My in-laws and my mom have been incredibly helpful this week, moving boxes, helping me clean, organize, etc. I would be lost if it weren't for them. When we first moved in on Friday, I wanted everything to get started (and finished) right away. So, my 32-week pregnant self was moving boxes, taping and painting, etc., until I finally had to listen to everyone who was telling me to take it easy. My body was absolutely exhausted and sore, on top of being mentally exhausted from dealing with our emotional and sassy 4-year-old. I'm pretty sure Linna is beyond ready for her Papa to get back home from Singapore, and she's been sensing my stress level, because she and I have been at each others' throats. I'm really trying to watch my patience level with her, because it's unfair to be freaking out on her when she's probably just as stressed out as I am. We both can't wait to have Papa Saigh back home this weekend, as I am NOT cut out for doing the whole "single mom" thing.

I am so SO happy to finally have a bathtub again, to soak my big belly in. I soak in our huge tub every night when Linna goes to bed. All that's missing is my beloved wine. Soon enough! Plus, our California king-size bed has plenty of room for me, "the bump", and Linna, until we get Linna's bed set up this weekend. I completely forgot how comfortable our bed is, so it's wonderful to be back in our "cloud", after it being in storage for the past three years. I also pulled my materinity pillow out of storage, which I can coil up and place my belly into, so I can lay on my stomach. My hips and lower back have been KILLING me from only being able to sleep on them.

The baby has been moving around a lot this week, and seems to be responding to my voice a lot more. I talk to the baby when I take a bath, and when I say, "Hi my baby. It's your Mama!", the baby gives me a jab or a punch. Incredibly, my acid reflux seems to be getting better too. I don't know why, but it hasn't been as awful as it was in previous weeks. My belly button is starting to flatten out, which makes me realize how close to the end of this pregnancy I'm getting. My stretch marks are also in full-effect, but no sign of the Linea Nigra line I had when I was pregnant with Linna. Oh, and I'm pretty sure it's the dry air in Minnesota, but Linna and I developed coughs this week, so we've been sleeping with the humidifier on, which seems to help. I never thought I'd miss Singapore's humidity!

This week, Linna also had her first "protective big sister"/jealousy moment. My sister Paige had her hand on my belly, as she was feeling the baby move, and Linna quickly walked over, and took Paige's hand off my belly. While I thought it was cute that Linna was concerned with who was touching her baby brother or sister, I let her know that she's going to have to get used to people wanting to touch and hold the baby. I told her that I was happy she was such a protctive big sister, but that we need to let other people pay attention to the baby too. I'm sure this is JUST the beginning.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Baby saigh #2 pregnancy: Weeks 30 & 31.

A gender neutral outfit that Linna and I picked out at Old Navy for Baby Saigh #2.
30 Weeks Pregnant

Overall, this week has been a great one.

I've actually been getting some sound sleep, and haven't been as exhausted. However, the baby's adorable kicks, punches, and flips, have now turned into full-on elbows and other pointy body parts, jabbing into my stomach. Sometimes I feel a back, or a little butt pressing up against my belly during my semi-often Braxron Hicks contractions.

This baby has very "spastic" movements, and I actually asked my doctor if the baby might be having seizures or something. He said that's probably not the case, and that every pregnancy is different. I might just be feeling the baby's movements a bit more than I did when I was pregnant with Linna.

I'm noticing that I have to pee a lot more these days too.

I'm up at least twice during the night, and am running to the bathroom to pee all day. I do remember having to pee even MORE than this when I was pregnant with Linna though.

31 Weeks Pregnant

Holy "take my breath away" baby movements! I do not remember having these types of feelings at this point in my pregnancy with Linna, but this baby is kicking, punching, rolling and shaking REALLY low. It's to the point now where I have to stop and take a deep breath during these sharp movements. I feel like this kid is going to pop the bag of water it's floating in. It's unreal. I also have to pee a LOT, and the baby's movements are just making my trips to the potty more frequent. When he or she moves or kicks me, I sometimes feel like I'm going to pee my pants.

31 weeks pregnant with Baby Saigh #2.
I am so excited to finally be in our new house this Friday, and to be able to go through all of the baby stuff we've had in storage. We'll be using Linna's nursery furniture for this baby, and I'm excited to get the kids' rooms all set up. Since we don't know what we're having, the baby's nursery will be pretty basic and gender neutral. Sleeping has taken a turn for the worse this week, as I'm getting up like 3 times each night to pee, and the baby is really active at night.

Even my maternity clothes feel tight these days, and I'm getting more uncomfortable as the days go on. Every night after 8 p.m., my acid reflux is out of control. It is worse if I eat later at night, but it's still bad if I just drink water. I've now upped my Ranitidine intake to 150 mg, 3 times a day (doctor advised). Yes, it's that bad.

I'm so not ready to have this baby yet, but I think I'll be happy once she or he arrives, and I can take control of my body again. I know that I will miss being pregnant, but I'm in a pretty uncomfortable place right now. While Linna is generally a great kiddo, she has been acting up lately, and I'm beyond ready to end this solo-parenting situation. Papa Saigh gets back from Singapore on October 10th, and I can't explain how excited I am to have our family back together. I think Linna is really missing her dad too, as she's getting noticably bored with me. I'm looking forward to welcoming home my partner in crime, and share all the "joys" of parenting a 4-year-old who is currently an only child.

I have a doctor appointment today, and will now have appointments every 2 weeks until I'm 36 weeks... I think. I'm excited to find out which way the baby is positioned, if I'm dilated, etc. I'm still thinking this baby is going to come early, and I'm leaning toward the baby being a girl. But really, who knows?! For now, I'm just happy to let this baby continue growing in my belly, move into our new house, and get Papa Saigh back in the States!