Monday, June 13, 2011

First hiccups.

Tonight, Baby Saigh got her first hiccups (the first I've felt anyway).  It is pretty darn cute!  I was in the bath and she started moving around... a lot.  I was thinking, why is she kicking so much and so often?!  Then, it dawned on me... she had the hiccups.  Her head must be down because I could feel them way beneath my belly button.  Her hiccups vibrated my whole belly... once every couple seconds.  They only lasted about five minutes, but even AJ got to feel them too.  He cried. I think someone is pretty attached to his little girl:)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Maternity photos.

Baby Saigh and I will
soon be having LOTS of
Midnight "Parties"!
I love this one because AJ is always making little "LJ"
listen to his blues music with his headphones.
Last week, AJ and I spent an hour with Julie Feldman of Cider Press Studios, to have our maternity photos taken in Downtown Minneapolis.  First of all, let me start out by saying that neither AJ or I are fans of traditional maternity photos (the ones that end up on "awkward family photos dot com"), but I really wanted something to capture our first pregnancy.

Mama and Papa-To-Be.
I could not be happier with the photos Julie took of us.  We spent the morning at the Walker Art Center (inside and outside), and we got so many great shots!  Julie was so easy to work with and it was almost like she read my mind when it came to knowing what I was looking for.  I've been so busy at work that I really didn't have any time to send her examples of what I wanted out of the photos... but she just knew!  Maybe it was all that time we spent together as Miss Buffalo and Miss Hopkins back in 2000:)  Julie and I met when we were the reigning "Queens" of our hometowns.

I can't believe she will be here in 10 weeks!
I have to be honest about my husband's feelings about having these photos taken.  Let's just say he wasn't too excited, and I may or may not have forced him to participate:)  AJ thought we'd be taking the weird "naked" photos together, and no matter how often I told him that was not what we were doing, he wasn't excited.  He hates taking photos and hates being hot (he's Lebanese, sweats a lot and, it was 85 degrees out that day).  But, Julie made things so easy for him (and us).  We took all of our photos in the shade, and we took the photos of us together first.  AJ was done in 15-20 minutes.  I took all of my individual photos right after.  Now, seeing the photos, AJ is very happy we had them done!

I'm going to be using these photos in Baby Saigh's nursery, and they're just so nice to have to remember my first pregnancy.  I could not be happier with the photos Julie took!  She is so creative, and found spots I would have never thought of.   Julie is a friend of mine, a mother of two, and lives in the Twin Cities with her husband.  She does wedding, baby, maternity, children, family, and special events photography.  More of her work, rates, and the rest of our maternity photos can be found on her website (Cider Press Studios - click on her blog to see our photos).

Thank you Julie for a truly amazing experience!

Friday, June 10, 2011

30 weeks.

Photo taken by Cider Press Studios
Well, it's happened.  I've become an uncomfortable, swollen, waddling, 30-week pregnant lady:(

First of all, let me say that I know I am blessed to have made it to 30 weeks in my pregnancy, but MAN... am I uncomfortable!  Everything from my feet to my hips hurt.  The last few months of my pregnancy have been great!  I've felt our little girl move around, I love watching my belly grow, and I finally got my energy back after a horrible first trimester.  But about a week ago, things started changing.

Little "LJ" is getting so big and she loves to move around all the time.  The problem is, there's not much room for her to play inside my belly.  I think I can literally feel her every movement... even when she wants to tap dance on my rib cage:)

Sleeping has become quite the event as well.  As many of you mamas know, the only position you can sleep in when you're pregnant is on your side.  Well, that KILLS my hips.  I toss and turn all night.  My mom got me a great body pillow for my birthday, which helps, but I want nothing more than to be able to sleep on my tummy!  When I'm sitting for long periods of time, I don't think "LJ" likes it much, because she makes her movements very sharp and known!  And even though our little bean only weighs about 3 lbs., I feel like I'm carrying around a watermelon.  I never thought I'd be "that pregnant lady" that waddles... but I am definitely a "waddler".  It's almost impossible not to!

Thanks for the popsicles
Auntie Lisa.
During my pregnancy, popsicles have become my best friend.  I am in love with Mr. Freezes.  I sometimes find myself eating almost a dozen in one day, which is a huge mistake because all that sugar makes me yack!

Not only is my tummy growing, but so are my feet.  Last Friday, while my husband and I were at Cirque Du Soleil's OVO, my feet started to hurt and I looked down to find some swollen little piggies!  Every now and then, they swell up, which makes me so uncomfortable.  My doctor just tells me to watch it, and keep my feet up when it happens.  My mom told me that when she was pregnant with my brother, sister and I, her feet and legs would swell so much that she couldn't even walk!  Yikes.

Here's a great tip though mamas-to be!  Someone told me a few weeks ago that having your hubby rub a tennis ball on your back can alleviate back pain.  Since my back is another one of my "pregnancy issues", we tried it tonight and what a relief!  This "massage" makes your entire aching body feel so much better.  Hopefully my husband is up to this service every night for the next two months:)

Here's to 10 more weeks!

PS, the above photo of me was taken at a shoot last week by Julie Feldman of Cider Press Studios.  I will be posting more photos and info on my website ( on Sunday, so stay tuned!