Sunday, December 28, 2014

Linna's first bicycle.

I love my daughter. But her inability to pedal, look up, and steer at the same time seriously tests my "outstanding gift" of patience (FYI, Mama Saigh = Subpar patience). I am so thankful for our 3-year-old's Auntie Lisa and Papa Saigh, for giving Linna the basic lessons in bicycle riding... because frankly, I'm not cut out for this. We went back and forth between the idea of having her start with a balance bike (the latest trend), or a "regular" bike with training wheels. We decided to get her the bike with training wheels, so we can get as much use out of it as we can. I'm sure balance bikes are amazing, but balance bikes and bikes with training wheels cost $150+ in Singapore. I can't justify spending WELL beyond what we'd pay in the US, for not one... but TWO bikes.

She's 3.

Luckily, Papa's Saigh's parents (MeMaw and PeePaw) wanted to buy Linna her first bike for Christmas. So, I randomly found this bike on sale at Giant (my worst Singapore super-store nightmare) for under $100, and it came with a basket, tassels, and a bell... DONE. Bikes at Toys R Us in Singapore cost close to $200!

Seriously?! She's 3.

(She's stopped... which is the ONLY reason she's looking up.)

MeMaw and PeePaw Skyping in fromMN, while we do the big bike "reveal".

Anyway, Linna loves her new bike (thank you, MeMaw and PeePaw), and it was so fun to see the look on her face when we gave it to her on Christmas morning. I'm hoping that MeMaw and PeePaw are planning to fly to Singapore to teach her to ride it.

Side note: How cool it the GoPro?!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Our first gopro video.

My parents got Papa Saigh a GoPro for Christmas. You can thank them, or shun them for the amazing videos to come. Here's video of Papa Saigh's first time using his new GoPro with our 3-year-old...

Thanks Mom and Dad for the fantastic gift!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Linna sings songs from disney's frozen.

Sure we're a little tardy to the party on the whole Disney's Frozen fad, but our 3-year-old is currently obsessed with EVERYTHING Frozen. She sings "Let it Go" and "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" all day... every day. It's pretty much her "Shake it Off" replacement. Her other favs at the moment... "Bang Bang", "Black Widow", and "Animal". I blame this on our spending almost two months in Minnesota driving around listening to the radio. I know, I know... Mom of the Year! Hey, at least we're over Barney:)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Santa in singapore.

Today, I took Linna to see Santa in Singapore. Papa Saigh is in the Philippines for work, and he HATES Singapore malls on the weekend, so I thought I'd check this one off our list while he's out of town. This is the first time we're spending Christmas away from home, so I thought we'd show Linna that Santa comes to Singapore too. The last couple years, Linna has wanted NOTHING to do with sitting on Santa's lap. Last year, at the Macy's Santa Breakfast, Linna let me hold her while she talked to Santa. This year, she was SO excited to see Santa, and she even brought him a treasure map. She's such a character! She walked right up to Santa (who wasn't Asian, much to my surprise), sat on his lap and told him she wanted more Calico Critters (her lateset obsession). I'm hoping Santa doesn't listen, because she has a room FULL of Calico Critters, thanks to Uncle Scotty, Aunt Holly, and my Mom and Dad. Linna also thought it was pretty spectacular that Santa remembered her name when we walked by him a second time to say goodbye... AND Santa knew how to pronounce her name (most people in Singapore call her "LEE-Nah" instead of "Lynn-ah"). This was a very quick, but magical experience for both of us!

Linna and Santa at Tanglin Mall in Singapore.

Unlike in Minnesota, Tanglin Mall (where we went to see Santa) pretty much makes you buy a photo package in order to sit on Santa's lap. They don't allow parents to do their own photography, but Mama Saigh rolled video anyway. I bought the cheapest photo package (two 4X6 photos for $19.95), and I admit that the elves did a great job getting a good photo of Linna on Santa's lap. I took a pic of the pic they took, so I could post it on here:)

Waiting in line. So happy we got there early because
the line was SO long after we got through.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

FOX 9: Holiday gift ideas for everyone on your nice list.

Mama Saigh is back on The FOX 9 Buzz Tuesday, featuring some fantastic holiday gift ideas for just about everyone on your "nice" list. Click on the video above to watch the full video of the entire segment. Below are links to each of the products featured in the segment. Happy shopping!

1. Carver Junk Company

2. Amazon Fire TV

3. Bespoke Post Subscription Boxes

4. Pop Sugar Must Have Subscription Boxes

5. Mantry Subscription Boxes

6. Stitch Fix Subscription Boxes

7. Plonk Wine Club

8. Craft Beer Club

9. Minnetonka Moccasin

10. Extrados

11. Weleda

12. Aveda