Friday, June 16, 2017

DIY with mama saigh: Dollar-store hacks.

Man, this blog sure has been neglected with me working full-time over at The Jason Show. Between "mom-ing", working, and trying to keep my sh*t together, I haven't gotten to take much time for myself.

But today, I'm back on-air with a fun segment featuring dollar-store hacks!

My family and I got to spend some time together this past week, prepping for this segment. While you can find everything from party supplies to pregnancy tests at your local dollar store, I've put together some easy DIY projects that can help organize your home, and keep the kiddos entertained.

Yep, this was our food pantry BEFORE I found these little plastic gems at the
Dollar Tree. Open food boxes and packages in complete disarray, annoys be beyond belief.
But now, the little snackers in our family can see their options before they more things
around, and turn our food pantry into total chaos.
After many failed Pinterest projects over the years, these little animal book-ends are
a Pinterest win! I found a couple plastic giraffe toys at the Dollar Tree, and super-glued them
onto a small piece of wood that my husband cut for me (from spare wood we had in the garage).
Then, I spray-painted everything white, let it dry for a day, and gave it one more coat. TaDa!
These book-ends look so sweet in a nursery, or a child's bedroom. Total cost: A little over $1!

This is my friend's baby girl, Emeryson, wearing a pair
of Dollar Store leggings that I made in 10 seconds. I found these retro-looking
tube socks at the Dollar Tree, and just cut the foot off of them to create baby leg-warmers.

For two years now, my jewelry has been a tangled mess, inside one box on my closet shelf.
So, I picked up a couple white plates and a candle-holder at the Dollar Tree, spray-painted the candle holder white, super-glued everything together, to create a sleek-looking jewelry tray for my bedroom dresser. You can also use the
clear-glass plates from the Dollar Tree, along with the clear-glass candle holder, to create
an antique-looking, tiered party-tray for your next get-together!