Sunday, October 7, 2018

DIY with mama saigh: Easy halloween decor.

After an eight-month hiatus, I am so excited to be back on The Jason Show this week with some easy DIY Halloween decor ideas that everyone can use inside and outside their home! The last few months of my pregnancy with our third baby were rough and pretty uncomfortable (he ended up being born at 38 weeks, and weighed 10lbs!), and figuring out my new groove as a mom of three proved to be an even bigger challenge than I had anticipated. But I'm FINALLY back on-air, and back in the land of the living. Without doing a lot of messy crafting this Halloween, you can decorate your home in some spooky (and not so spooky) ways!


Am I the only one who can kill a gorgeous fall mum in under two weeks?! Mum planters on the front porch are beautiful, but if you want an alternative to living mums, try these skull and pumpkin planters. I picked these black urn-style planters up at Lowes, and filled them with artificial greens from Joann Fabrics, and both skulls from Party City, and white pumpkins from Lowes. This is the easiest (and prettiest) decor idea for your front porch, balcony, or deck!

If you prefer a POP of fall color in your planter, replace the artificial greens with this chain of artificial fall-leaves from Joann Fabrics...


It doesn't get much easier than this! I filled this black lantern from IKEA with white mini pumpkins, and skulls from Lowes. You can also place these paper mache skulls and Spanish moss inside apothecary jars (all from Joann Fabrics)...

The paper mache skulls also look a little spooky used as book-ends, or placed on top of a stack of black/dark books. Use this easy-peasy idea on an end table or mantle...


I love the look of this white pumpkin on our mantle! If you're looking for a pumpkin-carving alternative, try slipping a black pair of tights (or fishnets) from the Dollar Tree around a white or orange pumpkin. Then, create an edgy studded-look by securing the tights to the pumpkin using push-pins from The Dollar Tree. Trim the excess material, and you're good to go! The little ghost lights are from the dollar section at Target (thanks, mom!).


I picked up a clear soap-dispenser from The Dollar Tree, peeled off the labels, and popped a couple plastic black bugs inside. The bloody "HELP" window/mirror clings are also from The Dollar Tree.

Looking for a way to get rid of the sticky residue on a surface after you peel away the sticker/label?! Use a mixture of equal parts baking soda and coconut oil, let it sit for a few minutes (or overnight), then rinse/wipe away! Works like a charm.