Wednesday, September 28, 2011

7 weeks and infant acid reflux.

Linna got Daddy good!
I'm going to admit it now... we've had a rough couple days/nights with Baby Linna.  A few days ago, Linna started spitting up almost all her milk, rejecting the bottle after just a few ounces, not sleeping well, and she was just plain fussy!  She was even spitting up a ton in her sleep (and mama was having to wash her bedding every day).  This is so the opposite of the content and happy baby we've been used to.  So yesterday, we took her to the pediatrician and they diagnosed her with infant acid reflux.  Poor baby!  They gave us a prescription for Zantac and it has worked wonders!  Linna is back to her content little self, and the spit up has completely stopped.  She takes the medicine in the morning and at night.  I hate having her on medication when she's so little, but if it makes her feel better and keeps mom and dad sane, well then I'm all for it:)  She was also weighed at the pediatrician, and she's already 11 lbs. 6 oz.!

Snug as a bug.
Linna turned 7 weeks old on Monday and she celebrated by smiling at mommy and daddy for the first time!  She's starting to recognize people's faces, and the other day she "coo-ed" at AJ.  She's still sleeping in her crib (after spending a couple nights in the bassinet due to her acid reflux), and this morning I came in to find her sleeping on her side!  She used to stay in one place in the crib, but now we find her in different positions when she wakes up.  She's still sleeping 4-6 hour stretches at night.  Last night, she slept 10:30pm - 2:30am, 3am - 6:30am, and then she slept until 10am.  She's up a lot more during the day, and we really try to keep her awake from 5-7pm.  Although, once 7pm hits, she takes a little snooze.

Mama and baby all ready for a cool night outside
I'm finding it kind of hard to sleep at night, because I'm constantly waiting for Linna to wake up.  I can't seem to get into a deep sleep.  I started turing the monitor off in our bedroom at night, because it picks up every little peep, which wakes me up.  Linna's room is right next to ours, so as soon as she starts crying, I can hear her without the monitor on.  I know this is just a "worried mama" thing, and I need to realize that she is just fine in her crib (there's nothing in there but her blanket), but I'll admit that it is tough!  AJ and I are celebrating our one-year wedding anniversary on Saturday and my parents are taking Linna for the night, so it will be nice to finally get some sleep!


  1. Hi! I have been reading since you were pregnant and I love following the growth of your baby girl. I have a 6 month old son so I can relate to all your baby boy Charlie also has Acid Reflux. Around 7 weeks of age, I stopped feeding him at night, and after 3 nights of not feeding him, he slept through the night. I have suggested this to my friends and after the three nights their babies also started sleeping through the night. At 7 weeks old, Charlie was sleeping from 7:30-6:00. Since then he has been a fabulous sleeper! I read all the books about sleep and really tried to sleep train Charlie. As soon as 7 hits, I can see he is ready for bed and I start his bedtime routine. I just hate seeing other mommies losing sleep when I know how hard it was for me to sleep little chunks at a time. Good luck with the acid reflux...glad the medicine is working!

  2. Thank you so much! I love reading other people's blogs, so it's nice to hear when people are reading mine. One question... how did you get your son to not eat at night? Would he wake up and you just wouldn't feed him? We're really trying hard to get Linna to sleep through the night, so if you can give me your method, we'd love to try it:) Thanks, and congrats on your little boy!

  3. He would wake up and I would go in there and talk to him and give him a pacifier. It took longer to get him back to sleep (rocking him and bouncing around the room) but eventually he did go back to sleep. I also let him cry up to 10 minutes. It's SOOO hard to let them cry, but I never went longer than 10 minutes without comforting him. After the third night of this, he slept through the first feeding. If you want to start slow, do this strategy with the first feeding and feed her the other times she wakes up. Let me know how she does...I'm interested to know if it's just my son or if it works with other kids too.

    Did you go to high school with Shana Kalland, Cassie Benowitz and Melissa Weiner? I am really good friends with Shana and I saw you were friends with them on facebook. Small world!

    Send me an email whenever at

    So are you going back to work??