Monday, November 14, 2011

Ever heard of a "Grandma Shower"?

Grammy Pammy and Baby Linna
All of Pammy's gifts
If you've never heard of a "Grandma Shower", you're not alone! This past weekend, we spent the night at my in-laws house, and attended a Grandma Shower for my mother-in-law Pam (AKA Grammy Pammy). This shower was thrown by Pam's friends, and they all brought gifts that Pam could keep at her house for Baby Linna to use! Isn't that a fun idea? The women played games, we had some yummy desert and snacks, and Grammy Pammy got to show off Baby Linna. Grammy Pammy has been waiting to introduce Linna to her friends, and Linna sure got a lot of attention from all the ladies. Baby Linna got to wear her first "party dress", but ended up passing out on the couch half-way through the shower. The ladies would sing her songs, and Linna just loved all of the interaction! Pam got so many toys, a bath tub, blankets, and more. The ladies even made Pam play "The Bottle Game", where she had to be blindfolded, drink out of bottles to guess what was inside. It was pretty funny!

The day before the shower, I judged this Miss Mankato pageant, so Baby Linna got to spend the day with her grandma and grandpa! Since my mom lives a couple minutes away from us, she gets to do a lot of overnights with Baby Linna. So Saturday night, Grammy Pammy slept in the same room as Linna and got up with her at 5am when she decided to eat. AJ and I got nine hours of blissful sleep! We really are so blessed to have parents that love our little lady so much. Thanks Pam and Marty for a fun weekend!

Party Pooper
Pam playing "The Bottle Game"

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  1. I'm so glad we got to meet Linna at the shower, Missy! She's a doll. Yep, the "Grandma Shower" is an idea worth sharing! ~MARCY