Wednesday, February 8, 2012

6 months.

In her knit fire hat from Grandpa Specken.
How is it that our tiny baby girl is six months old?! Before I know it, we'll be celebrating her first birthday. Baby Linna is quickly learning how to move all over the place... rolling, reaching, and trying to scoot her little body around. I rarely find her in the same spot in her crib when she wakes up from a snooze. I'm guessing she'll be crawling by the end of February. She's also almost sitting on her own, and can stand up against things all by herself! We've introduced her to LOTS of different foods such as bulgar (whole cracked wheat), cauliflower, peas, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, etc. She's not really a fan of fruits, but she loves bulgar mixed with carrots, avocado, sweet potatoes, and peas! She drinks water out of a sippy cup, and is still drinking breast milk from the bottle. Her body has worked out her pooping issue (thank God). I think eliminating the rice cereal worked, and just giving her body time to adjust to her new food adventures.

Her latest obsession... tags.
Linna loves to blow bubbles, babble, and she does this super funny breathing thing when she gets excited! It's almost like she can't catch her breath when something excites her. We haven't seen any teeth yet, but there has to be one in there somewhere, because this little lady knows how to drool! Baby Linna also loves boys (uh oh!). She is such a flirt when guys talk to her. She just smiles and stares:)

Linna is also starting swim lessons at Foss next month, where we'll work up to a five second submerge. Mama is a little nervous about this, but it will really help her get ready for lake swimming at the cabin this summer! We do playdates often with Linna's little friends to keep her social;) It's great to get together with other fun moms, and the kids love playing together.

I took Linna to an opthamologist this month too, after we noticed that her eye lid was a little droopy. Everything checked out ok and it's just something she'll grow out of. We did discover that she's allergic to latex though, after the doctor put a latex eye patch over her eye for testing. We also, tried on some glasses! Linna looked so cute in eyeglasses... part of me actually wished she had to wear them;)

Every other week playdate group.
We're really looking forward to watching Linna get even bigger! Happy six months baby girl!!!

Look how much she's grown...

One month.
Two months.
Three months.
Four months.
Five months.
Six months.

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