Thursday, May 8, 2014

My first "made at school" mother's day gift.

Linna came running out of school at pick-up time today with a HUGE smile on her face! She was SO excited to give me the Mother's Day gift she made herself at nursery school in Singapore. It's a hand-painted flower in a cup, along with a laminated poem that she decorated with stickers, and her hand print along side it. "I made this flower for you Mama... and a card!", she exclaimed as she handed me the gorgeous gift. Thankfully there weren't many people on our bus ride home, because tears rolled down my face as I read the poem. It's mind-boggling how motherhood can turn a person into a big softy. My Mother's Day is complete, and Sunday is still a few days away. I love being the Mama of this amazing little girl!

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