Sunday, June 15, 2014

Exploring nature's design & the human body experience.

This past weekend, Linna and I checked out two new exhibits at the Singapore Science Centre: The Human Body Experience and Exploring Nature's Design. Both exhibits are temporary exhibits at the Science Centre. While a lot of the slightly older kids enjoyed the Human Body Experience, our 2.5-year-old was a bit overwhelmed by the experience. I thought it was very interesting and educational, but I can see how Linna became a bit frightened by the tight, dark spaces, and flashing lights. She LOVED the Exploring Nature's Design exhibit though. She had so much fun doing sprint races, tinkering with craft projects, and exploring all the educational and hands-on activities. She learned about insect and animal speed, how living things grow, and she even got to play with "larger-than-life" Legos and building blocks. The staff was great with all of the children, and took time to explain how and why things worked. They really made learning, fun!

Entrance to The Human Body Experience.

Building things in the Exploring Nature's Design exhibit.


Goofy girl.

There a lot of events and activities coming up at the Singapore Science Centre in July and August for the Singapore Science Festival 2014. We are also excited to check out the brand new KidsSTOP at the Science Centre, which just opened this month. It's a special area for younger kids, with tons of hand-on learning activities, as well as play areas. I looks like a great alternative to the soft-play gyms that you can find all over this island. I think we'll be going there next month, so we'll let you know what we think!

Sprinting in the Exploring Nature's Design exhibit.

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