Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Linna's new arts & crafts corner.

We are FINALLY almost "done" with the updates and renovation of our main floor in the new house! Since we purchased the house in October, we've torn out and installed new floors, updated the kitchen cabinets, painted all of the light wood, painted all the walls, updated the laundry room... The list goes on and on. Papa Saigh put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into the many DIY projects we decided to complete. Now that our main floor is becoming the main living area that we created, we wanted to give our very artistic 4-year-old her own little area, that flowed with the rest of the main floor. Basically, we didn't want it to look too "kiddie".

We decided to get a very neutral and WASHABLE rug for Linna's new arts & crafts area. I found a very simple oval-shaped rug by Lorena Canals, and decided to go with it, since I can just put it in the washer every now and then. The rug protects our new floors against the 4-year-old's glue, paint, and sticker projects, and looks perfect under the KidKraft Table and Chairs set we ordered as well. KidKraft furniture has lasted a long time after our previous purchases, so we decided to order the Avalon Espresso Table and Chairs set. I love the color of the rug and table set together, and it's the perfect size for our budding little artist. I did need to assemble the table and chairs myself, but I did it in under an hour one night after Linna went to bed. I've also washed the rug once so far, and it almost looks better than new after a quick trip in the washer.

I'm kind of crazy when it comes to organization, and I know that kids will play longer when they can find their belongings in their "place". I bought a few, cheap little plastic drawers from Target to organize all of Linna's beads, stickers, googly eyes, popsicle sticks, etc. into. She loves going through all of her little drawers to pick out the supplies to complete her projects. I also bought three wicker-type baskets from Target for about $10 each, to throw all of her markers, crayons, stamps, etc. into, and Papa Saigh built a little shelf for the baskets in under 30 minutes (I seriously never knew how "handy" my husband is!). I can throw all of her supplies into these baskets, so they're "out of sight and out of mind", but it looks completely organized. We also put up the B. Toys easel that my cousins got Linna for her 4th birthday, and her 3 Sprouts Toy Bin that she's had forever is now filled with the toys she usually plays with. I guess I should order Baby Jimmy a 3 Sprouts Toy Bin too, huh?! They really are great, and incredibly durable.

This is Linna's personal space, and she literally spends hours there every day. She keeps herself completely entertained, and we are so impressed with the projects she's able to create. She's practicing her writing, spelling, fine motor, artistic, and other skills needed for kindergarten, and the best part is that she loves it!

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