Monday, April 18, 2016

Linna's "bompa" visits her school.

Linna and her Bompa.

Today, Linna's "Bompa" (my Dad), visited her school to talk about being the fire chief for Hopkins, MN (my hometown). Linna has been so excited for this day to come, ever since we scheduled the visit with her teacher a couple weeks ago. Bompa also brought along Garrett (another fire fighter) to demonstrate how fire fighters put on their equipment. My Dad taught the kids all about fire safety, and even brought fire hats, pencils, and some other fun things for all the kids to take home. Linna was so incredibly proud as she introduced her Bompa to her school friends. Thanks, Dad, for making Linna feel so special!

Proud little girl.

High-fives from fire fighter Garrett.

Linna's "Bompa" (my Dad) showing the kids fire fighting equipment.

Linna passing out fire hats to all of her school friends.

Baby Jimmy with Nana (my Mom) during Bompa's presentation.

More high fives.

Class photo.

Fire hats in the kids' cubbies. Just like the fire fighters!

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