Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mama saigh's diy: Summer fun for the entire family.

This week, I was on The Jason Show over at FOX 9. I can't believe it's been over 7 months since I was last on-air. For this segment, I threw on my DIY hat, to make some fun summer games and activities for the whole family.

CLICK HERE to watch the video of the entire segment!

Here's my "how to" on making your own mermaid tail, giant Jenga game, and giant Kerplunk game...


Thank you, Paytin, for modeling a Fin Fun Swimmable Mermaid Tail on The Jason Show!

My 4-year-old daughter and our neighbor girls are OBSESSED with the Fin Fun Swimmable Mermaid Tails. These amazing creations allow kids' (and adults') imaginations run wild, and they come in all colors, styles, and designs. If you want to save money, and get a little crafty, you can make your own mermaid tail at home...

Supplies (I found mine at Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft in Minnetonka): A yard or so of a stretchy swimsuit material, heavy duty template plastic, flip flops, scissors, thread, sewing machine, pins, stretch needle (helpful but not required), Gorilla Glue (water-proof/resistant), and chalk or dry-erase marker.

Tip: Buy fabric when it's on sale for 40% off, and get your flip flops on clearance.

I "eye-balled" this by looking at photos of mermaid-tail fins online. Use a dry-erase marker/chalk
on the plastic piece, so you can wipe away your mistakes until you get it right. Then, cut out the fin.

Glue flip flops to the plastic fin.

I had my 4-year-old lay down on the fabric (folded in half, so when I cut, there were two identical pieces), and eye-balled a mermaid tail shape from her rib cage, to about 12 inches past the bottom of her feet. You'll want the mermaid tail to fit tight on the body, so trace the design about an inch outside the outline of your child's body (leaving enough material to sew pieces together). Again, use a dry-erase marker, or chalk.

Once you've cut out your mermaid tail, and have two identical pieces, place the front (sparkly/pretty) sides facing
each other, so you are looking at the back side of the fabric on both pieces. This is how you will sew the two pieces together.
Do not sew the top (waist) of the mermaid tail together, and only sew about an inch past the bottom corners of the tail together using a sewing machine. Starting with the heels of the flip flops (attached to the fin), fit the fin inside the fin part of the mermaid tail. Now, your kiddo can step into the top (waist) of the mermaid tail, slip his/her feet inside the attached flip flops, and pull the mermaid tail up to their rib cage. You are officially a mermaid!


Supplies (I found all of my supplies at Fleet Farm in Carver): Hand saw or circular saw, 4 - 2x4x16 pieces of lumber (cut into 72, 10.5-inch pieces), stain or paint (if desired), sandpaper.

Other than sawing the lumber (I had my husband do that part for me), this is such an easy project. Saw the lumber into 72, 10.5-inch pieces. Sand each piece, then stain (optional). I only stained about 1/4 of my pieces a cedar color, and left the rest
"natural". Stack 3 piece, switching the direction of the wood 90-degrees with each level. If you're having a difficult time removing the wood pieces while playing the game, rub each piece with wax.


Supplies (I found all of my supplies at Fleet Farm in Carver): 4 - 16-inch 2x4 boards, 4 - 10-inch 4x4 boards, drill, screws, spray paint (optional), anchor wire, wire cutters, staple gun, staples, 40 garden stakes, and ball-pit balls.

Use your drill and screws to connect 2 of the 2x4 boards to the 4 - 4x4 boards, to create the base.

Use your drill and screws to connect the remaining 2x4 boards to the top of the base. Spray paint if desired.

Form a cylinder with the wire caging to fit the base, and secure with anchor wire. Use staple gun to connect the wire cylinder to the base. Stick stakes in the wire cylinder (as shown), then dump the balls on top.


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