Friday, August 12, 2016

Linna's 5th birthday party.

4 years and 364 days old on the day of her party.
Last weekend, we hosted almost 90 people (35 kids and 50-some grown-ups) at Burnes Park in Hopkins, for Linna's 5th birthday party.

This is the exact same spot that my mom hosted my 5th birthday party almost 30 years ago.

Man, I feel old.

Linna wanted to do a treasure hunt, so we decided to go with a pirate themed party.

Although the weather was a little warm, it didn't rain, storm, or snow... So I can't complain.

I couldn't have pulled this party off without the help of my parents, husband, and in-laws.

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to celebrate Linna's 5th birthday!

Here are photos and video from Sunday, August 7th...

One of the party games: "Pin the Patch on the Pirate". I was so proud of my DIY pirate head.

We made treasure chests for the treasure hunt out of styrofoam coolers from Fleet Farm and filled them with ice and freezies.

Lots of DIY decor.

Linna and her melting pirate photo-cake from Lunds & Byerlys. So yummy!

"Crabwiches" filled with Linna's Memaw and PeePaw's chicken salad. Delicious!
Fruit Swords made by my Mom ("Nana").

Veggie Swords made by my Mom ("Nana").

Food, drinks, and pirate name-badge table.

My mom made "sea water" punch.

Papa Saigh and I made these chalkboard serving-trays that we also used as party signs.

My Father-In-Law ("PeePaw") made this "What's Your Pirate Name" sign for the party.
We had name-badges for everyone to write their pirate name on. Fun "ice-breaker"!

Goodie-bag loot from my Dad ("Bompa").

I found this gold glitter 5 at JoAnn Fabrics & Craft Stores, and then added
a little DIY pirate cap and patch.

Photos from my 5th birthday party at Burnes Park in Hopkins.

Linna's birthday cake.

Some healthy snacks for the little ones: Pirate Bananas.

The treasure dig was a hit. We filled the sandbox with loot from Party City.

Linna and her friend Maddeline. They have been friends since they were babies, and her mom
and I were both Hopkins Raspberry Festival Queens.

The extremely tired birthday girl opening her birthday gifts.

(I do these videos with Linna every year. These are her final words as a 4-year-old.)

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