Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Baby jimmy is walking.


Here's the deal... I love both my kids equally. And now that I've said that... Confession time.

1. I'm pretty sure that Jimmy has been "walking" for at least a week... when I'm not around. My parents and sister told me that Jimmy took 5 to 8 steps while he was at their house this past weekend. Eh, I didn't see it... So, it didn't happen.

2. Papa Saigh told me a month ago that Jimmy took his "first steps" when he was playing with him. He tried to recreate the event for me, but failed. So, if you ask me... It didn't happen.

3. Today (in Mama Saigh's world), Jimmy started walking!!!

Baby Jimmy, 11 months old.
When Linna started walking, I could tell you the second - of the minute - of the hour - of the day that it happened. It was one of my proudest "Mom Moments". We recorded the very second she took that first step. Papa Saigh and I cried together as we watched this historical moment.

It was incredible.

I can put fluffy words and decorative excuses all around it, but the truth is: Our second child's first steps were a much different experience than our first child's.

Today, as I watch my baby boy start to walk, I am overcome with emotions (SO. Many. Emotions). I feel incredibly proud of him, as he takes his first steps toward his independent life. I feel incredibly lucky to have our first-born watch in amazement, as her baby brother takes his first steps. I feel sad (SO sad) to think that these "first steps", might be our last (don't even get me started on this topic). And, most importantly, I don't feel guilty for the possibility of "missing" my baby boy's "first" steps.

Honestly, I have no idea who witnessed Baby Jimmy's first steps. And when I think about it, I'm not 100% confident that I was the first person to witness our first-born's "first steps".

But... does it really matter?!

Knowing that the people who love Jimmy just as much as we do, could have possibly witnessed his first steps, makes me SO proud and happy. If these people felt the happiness and fulfillment that we did, as we watched Jimmy take his "first steps"... That's all that matters.

Because this kind of feeling is what makes LIFE. WORTH. LIVING.

To my beautiful baby boy: Watching your tiny feet make their way across the floor, leaves me breathless. You are an incredible little human. A fiesty, ambitious, determined little human. Your Papa loves you. Your Big Sister loves you. Your Mama loves you (more than you will ever know). SO many people love you.

You may not have been our first baby, but your "firsts" are just as important. We are so proud of you, and beyond thankful to have you in our lives.

You are incredible.

Baby Jimmy: Please stay little.

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