Sunday, April 17, 2011

Baby's first kicks at 22 weeks.

Last night, while we were watching movies in our living room, AJ and I got to feel our little girl kick... or punch... or whatever she's doing in there.  I wish we had a camera rolling to capture the looks on both of our faces because it was absolutely AMAZING!

I've been feeling the little bean move around in my belly for weeks now, and I'm always telling AJ about what it feels like.  But until last night, we haven't been able to feel her on the outside.  We were both sitting on the couch and I could feel her flipping around in my belly.  So I put my hands on my belly (like I always do) to see if I could feel her on the outside, and to my surprise I COULD!  It was like a little thud... completely catching me off guard.

AJ jumped up, put his ear on my belly, started talking to her, and she did it again... this time punching AJ right in his head!  We both sat so still, barely breathing, and waiting for her to do it again.  For the next five minutes, she punched and kicked a few more times, and we got to feel every movement.  We've both been waiting for this moment, and I'm so glad we got to experience it together!

It feels just like what it looks like on the ultrasound... quick, jumpy movements, but they're so light and dainty:)  AJ's mom, dad, sister and brother-in-law were staying at our house this weekend for a wedding, and last night when they got back to our house, we all tried to see if we could feel Baby Saigh kick again.  After a few pokes and talking to her... nothin'.  I'm guessing all that showing off for mom and dad earlier in the night, really pooped her out.  We're both waiting patiently to feel her move around again today!

- 22 weeks and 2 days.

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