Tuesday, April 5, 2011

20 weeks.

20 weeks. Halfway there and she's as big
as a small cantaloupe!
Friday officially marked the halfway point in my pregnancy! I can't believe how fast time has gone by. Everyone told me that my pregnancy would be over before I know it, but time really is flying!

The first few weeks/months of my pregnancy went by super slow, but I think that's because I was waiting for my baby bump to start growing. Now, there's no stopping the baby bump! Not only am I getting a big baby belly, but I can feel the baby's little body from the outside of my tummy. My belly is so hard, it almost feels swollen or bruised.  I think I can feel her move around too. I'm constantly asking other moms what it feels like to feel the baby move, and most women tell me it feels like "fluttering" inside. Mine feels more like electricity or bubbles, so I'm not sure if she's moving or if it's just gas:) I'm also starting to get uncomfortable. I'm still sleeping well, but getting into a comfy spot takes some time. I also find myself getting winded a LOT easier, and by the end of the day my tummy is tight and I am feeling slight cramping when I bend over. I'm sure this is all just fine, but I will be chatting with my doctor about the cramping soon.

I just got back from New York on Monday... my first pregnant trip! Our little girl was either really excited about all the walking and being out and about, or super mad! After hours of walking around, it literally felt like she was trying to push her way out of my tummy skin. My stomach would get SO hard, which I've never felt before. Don't worry though, I got a lot of sleep and did a lot of relaxing too:)  I also did a lot of maternity clothes shopping in NY. I got a few dresses and pants at Destination Maternity and found some REALLY good deals at Forever21 Maternity. Why Forever21 has a maternity section, I will never understand. BUT, I found a cute pair of skinny jeans for $14!

Our little girl's closet is really starting to fill up too. Auntie Lisa, Auntie Julie, my mom, sister, the neighbors, our co-workers, and of course the two of us are really enjoying all the shopping for Baby Saigh! Looking at her little clothes makes me so excited, yet emotional at the same time. It's CRAZY to think that she will be here in about 4 1/2 months!

My tip of the week: BORROW maternity clothes from friends and family. Thanks Carly for the cute stuff:)

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