Tuesday, March 20, 2012

7 months.

This is my favorite age so far! Baby Linna is growing up so fast. She's not only sitting up by herself, but her Papa discovered that she can sit on a stool (AKA a wipe box) for two minutes all by herself! She's not crawling yet, but she can scoot backwards and gets her little tush in the air.

Feeding herself
We've discovered that Linna is not a fan of the vacuum, or the sound of packing tape being removed from the roll. She gets scared and cries. If I need to vacuum, I get to hold her while doing so... what a workout! Linna is a great eater and we've actually started adding spices to her foods. She LOVES cinnamon, and has tried everything from ginger to rosemary. She isn't a fan of apples though... so weird! Next month, we get to introduce meats and maybe even some eggs. She loves Cheerios and has mastered the skill of picking them up with her pointer finger and thumb. The girl could live off "puffs" and Cheerios! She loves to feed herself and can't get enough of the Plum Organic foods that come in the squeeze pouches (her fav is spinach, mango, pear). She sucks the food right out of the pouch! She's even a fan of the Gerber Graduates food pouches:)

Outside on a 70-degree day in March
Daylight Savings proved to be a challenge for us, as Linna couldn't figure out why we were putting her to bed when it was still light out. Thank goodness for last night's thunderstorm, because she went to bed at her normal bedtime (6:45-ish), and didn't wake up until 7:30am. We're hoping this continues because we have such a good sleeper and we don't want that to change. We're a little spoiled:) Currently, Linna takes a long nap in the morning (about 2 hours), and then she'll take a catnap or two in the afternoon, or an hour-or-so nap around 3pm.

We watched my brother's dog Zoey this past weekend, and Linna is in LOVE with her. She woke up Monday morning and was looking all over for her, but Zoey had already gone home! There's video of Linna and Zoey at the bottom of this post.

Linna also experienced her fist baby brawl at playgroup last week. It was a beautiful day so all of the moms in our playgroup were trying to get the babes together for a group photo. Two of the older kids were on bikes/push-toys, and during the photo one of the kids hit Linna on the head, and seconds after, another kid fell off his bike and braced his fall on Baby Linna:( She was so upset and confused, but at least she got a chance to learn how to be tough:) Of course, the kids were all crabby because it was WAY passed nap time!
Taken right before the "baby brawl"

Swimming for the first time with Papa
Linna has two teeth on the bottom, and she loves showing them off with her ear-to-ear smile! I can't get enough of how happy she is to see us in the morning or when she gets up from a nap. She doesn't cry, she just waits patiently in her crib... thank goodness for our video monitor! We've also moved passed carrying Linna in her car seat, as she weighs almost 20 lbs. When we grocery shop, we put her in the cart, and leave the car seat in the car. Next month, Linna will be ready for her convertible car seat because her little feet almost hang over the edge of the infant car seat. She's such a big girl!

Linna also went swimming for the first time at a hotel in Worthington, while we stayed there for my Grandma's funeral. She LOVES the water. We start swimming lessons at FOSS in Chanhassen tomorrow, so that will be a fun adventure!

I'm very thankful that I get to stay home with our little bug! I can't imagine missing all of her milestones, because she literally does something new every day. We're looking forward to the months to come!

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