Thursday, March 1, 2012

How this mama got her breast milk supply back.

After weeks and weeks of trying desperately to get my breast milk supply back, I am so happy to share with everyone the product that FINALLY gave me the results I was looking for! About a month or so ago, I was at dinner with my girlfriends and I almost had a meltdown explaining to them how my breast milk supply had SIGNIFICANTLY decreased, and about all of the things I was trying to do to get it to come back. A day later, my friend Kelly emailed me to tell me about her friend having the same issue. Kelly told me that one of her girlfriends had the same issue, tried a product called Zija, and it doubled her milk supply! I had never heard about Zija before, but after weeks of trying everything from pumping more frequently to Mother's Milk Tea, I decided to give Zija a try. After doing my research, I found that Zija is made with Moringa, which is the most nutrient-rich botanical plant yet discovered.

Since Linna's birth, I have been exclusively breastfeeding her by pumping and bottle feeding. I went from pumping 36+ ounces of breast milk a day (which was more than enough to start freezing my milk in case of an "emergency"), to around 10-12 ounces of milk each day when Linna was about five months. There were even pumping sessions where I wouldn't even produce an ounce of milk. I was devastated (literally cried), because I had a goal of exclusively breastfeeding my daughter for at least one year.

I used the Zija Smart Mix for five days, and was getting more and more impatient because I was still not seeing results. But after using it for one week, my milk literally started pouring in! I kept at it, and today my milk supply has more than doubled! Linna is almost seven months, and I haven't yet had to give her formula, and I'm even back to freezing my excess breast milk! By using Zija, I am fully confident that I will make it a year exclusively breastfeeding my daughter!

I do want to make it clear that before I tried Zija, I called my peditrician and it wasn't one of the products they recommended, but local hospitals said to give it a try (in other words, it wouldn't hurt me or my baby). I also want to be clear that there is nothing "wrong" with baby formula, and if you feel that route is right for you, then go for it. However, I have a goal of exclusively feeding my daughter breast milk for one year, and now I feel that that by using Zija, I can actually do it!


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