Wednesday, May 15, 2013

GIVEAWAY: The city (by littlez).

Playing with blocks the size of her at The City (by Littlez) in Singapore.

There are loads of different indoor play-areas all over Singapore, where parents can take their little ones to burn off some energy. But recently, I heard about a newer place near Clarke Quay called The City (by Littlez), which is more of an indoor learning-playground than an actual indoor playground. So last Friday, before we meet AJ for dinner at Clarke Quay, Linna and I decided to go check it out.

The City is located in Liang Court on the third floor. There are signs on the floor once you exit the elevator/lift to to show you where to go to get to The City, but I must admit that I had trouble finding the button to the third floor in the elevator, as the button layout is a bit odd (you'll see what I mean when you go for a visit). Once we got there though, Linna's eyes beamed with excitement as she scoped out all the toys, bright colors, and other children playing around. We could see so many different areas for the children to play in, including a supermarket, doctor's office, fire station, beauty salon, and a cafe. There were about a half-dozen kids running around in little dress-up clothes, while moms, grandparents, and helpers just relaxed and observed. This looked like my kind of place!

Nurse Linna, looking like she's had a rough day at work.
My little chef in the Cafe.
Grocery Shopping at the Supermarket.

The children are able to dress up in various costumes, depending on what type of role or job they want to experience. There were little police officers, nurses, and super heroes running around during our visit, that it actually reminded me of a Halloween Trick-or-Treat back home in Minnesota! The City is designed for children age 2-8, but I can tell you that even at 20-months-old, my daughter enjoyed every minute. Although she was a little intimidated by the bigger kids at first, Linna found some fun places to explore, and spent about half her time in the Supermarket, and the other half in the Nursery. She also checked out the Cafe area, where she was able to make pretend pizzas, and the The Heroes area where she could build with giant blocks. She enjoyed the Classroom as well, where they had little toys animals to play with.

Reading a magazine while the children whiz by!

The City is such a great alternative to the indoor play-gyms in Singapore, as the children get to use their creativity and imagination while exploring different professions. The best part is that the little ones can play with as many toys as they want, and mom and dad don't have to pick up afterwards. Yippy! There's a good-size area for adults to sit, relax, and read a magazine or enjoy coffee, while the children interact with each other. The admission cost is S$18 for children under the age of two, and S$22 for children over the age of two. In March of this year, The City implemented a new weekend admission fee of S$22 for children of all ages. Infants (under age one) and adults are always free, and the admission fee covers two hours of play. They also have some a Membership and Value Package available.

A couple things to remember...

1. BRING SOCKS - Everyone in the play area must wear socks, and if you forget, they make you buy them for $5 a pair. I forgot to read the website before we visited, so I had to purchase socks for Linna and I:(

2. BRING A SWEATER - They keep it very cool in The City, so for the adults not running around, it does get a bit chilly (I was cold and I'm from chilly Minnesota).

I know Linna enjoyed herself because even after two full hours there, she screamed when I told her we had to leave. We will definitely be back to The City, especially on a rainy day and while Linna isn't currently going to school/nursery/daycare. It's a great social atmosphere. Clarke Quay is a great location for The City, but I hope to see other branches open in different parts of Singapore!

Contact: 6250 6507
Address: 177 River Valley Road (Liang Court) #03-04A Singapore

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