Saturday, January 4, 2014

So easy to forget.

Photo taken January 4th, 2014. Linna is 28 months old.
Yesterday, I walked into Linna's bedroom to wake her up from her 4.5-hour afternoon nap (she's jet-lagged), only to find her all curled up in a ball, with her little butt in the air in her crib. I wanted to crawl into her crib and snuggle her, as it reminded me of how she used to sleep as a baby. I took a picture before I woke her up, because I never want to forget these moments. We've been experiencing many precious moments lately, and I've been to busy/lazy to jot them down. That's why I started this blog in the first place, right?! Here's a couple more...

1. Every night before Linna goes to bed, or lays down for nap, I sing her a song about something. This started one night when I had a few glasses of wine before bedtime (story of my life), and I started singing her a song about bears (I know. WTF, right?!). I literally just sang a random tune about bears. It went a little something like this:

"Bears are big. But bears aren't scary. They can be cuddly. Bears live in caves. And bears eat honey..."

I think I'm onto something here;) Every night now, Linna picks something for me to sing about (lucky girl). Last night we sang "The Crayon Song". I think Linna was ready to present me with a Grammy.

2. Yesterday when I was leaving the house to go grocery shopping, Papa Saigh was holding Linna and she said, "Peace out Mama!". OMG. I die. I say "Peace Out" all the time, but to have her just say it on her own?! Love her.

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