Monday, December 30, 2013

Baby shower for a best friend.

Large table for all of the mom-to-be's friends and family!
Earlier this month, one of my best friends Carrie and I threw a "shotgun baby shower" for our other BFF Sara. Sara and her husband Adam are expecting their first baby in May, and I couldn't go back to Singapore without knowing she was going to have a proper baby shower, that I could actually attend. Carrie and I had just three weeks to plan the baby shower, and the Radisson Blu at the Mall of America's FireLake Restaurant made it all possible!

Two of my BFFs: Carrie (left) and Sara (middle)
If you've never been to the brand new Radisson Blu at Mall of America, check it out... it's so nice! And if you ever need a spot to host a baby shower in the Twin Cities, FireLake Restaurant at Radisson Blu is the perfect place for a hassle-free event. They have a beautiful, spacious, semi-private room that they offer FREE of charge on Sundays, and it is spectacular and PERFECT for a baby shower... especially for a baby boy (which Sara and Adam just found out they are having)! The room is decorated in these gorgeous blue velvet curtains, and surrounded by beautiful distressed wood, giving this room a rich and contemporary feel. Our service was exceptional, and there was no minimum charge on food/beverages to use this room. Carrie and I hosted a much smaller baby shower for another one of our BFFs, Bonnie, and her husband Matt (they welcomed a baby boy in November), and this room is perfect for both small and larger groups. 

Berry smoothie "champagne" toast (sans champagne).

Our awesome server!

Buttermilk Flapjacks with Minnesota Maple Syrup.

Sausage Scramble Skillet.

Midwestern Omelet.
Parking was free and located right next to the hotel and restaurant, so you don't need to find parking in the Mall of America ramps or lots and walk a long distance. For Sara's baby shower, we had a set menu for guests to order from, and FireLake personalized the menu's for the mom-to-be! The food was very reasonably priced, and absolutely delicious. They have different menu options and price points to choose from, depending on how much or how little you want to have served. We paid about $20-ish per person, and that included a very large assortment of fresh fruit served on platters, individually selected entrees for each guest, beverages (coffee, water, juice, or soda), multi-grain toast served on large platters, and a special blueberry smoothie "champagne" toast (sans champagne) for the group. We had one server for our group of about 18 ladies, and he did a fantastic job keeping everyone happy. FireLake's chefs use local meats, freshwater fish, produce and dairy, which is something we all can appreciate, and our guests got to choose from organic egg dishes, buttermilk pancakes, bacon, and sausage, among other things. Both Carrie and I loved that we didn't have to lift a finger in the kitchen to host this baby shower. Plus, the food was served hot and we, as the host,s got to relax and enjoy the brunch! Does that ever happen at a baby shower when you host it in your own home?! Not for me.

Our high school girlfriends (left to right): Brittany, Kelly, Sara, Me, and Brittney.

Mom-to-be and Grandmas-to-be!

Mom-to-be with her sister Erin, Mom Debbi, and cousin Hannah.
There was also plenty of space in this room for the gift opening, and photos afterwards. When it comes to having an easy, classy, hassle-free baby shower that will really "wow" your guests and the mom-to-be, FireLake at Mall of America's Radisson Blu is the way to go. Sure it's nice to add your own personal touch when hosting a baby shower by making all of the food yourself, and decorating your own home in baby "themes", but you really can't beat the ease of hosting a baby shower at this new spot in the Twin Cities. No decorations needed, no food prep, no dirty dishes to do afterwards, no having to clean your whole house before guests arrive and after they leave, and if something gets messed up it's not really your fault;) 

IT'S A BOY! We didn't know this at the time of the baby shower:)

I have been completely satisfied with both of my experiences at FireLake at Mall of America's Radisson Blu, and can't recommend them enough when it comes to hosting a group event!

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