Friday, April 4, 2014

First time out.

I thought/hoped this day would never come (major wishful thinking). But today, Linna had her first time out... DUN DUN DUN! No, it's not her first temper-tantrum or bad behavior (I wish). I don't know what her deal has been the last few days, but she has been super sassy and defiant. When I ask her to do something, she looks me in the eye and tells me "NO!". I usually respond with, "You don't tell Mama 'NO'. It's not nice, and you are a very nice girl". As you can see, I'm trying to put a positive spin on my discipline, when what I REALLY want to say is, "Um, who the hell do you think you are kiddo? Mama Saigh makes the rules." But that probably wouldn't go over very well.

Today, Linna's defiant "NO! I'm not brushing my teeth!", was followed with a big H.I.T. on my leg. Oh no, you did NOT just do that girlfriend! So, we got to experience our first time-out in the Saigh household.

Of course this all happened 10 minutes before we're supposed to leave for nursery school drop-off. But, if there's one thing I remember from my days watching "Super Nanny", it's that you have to be consistent with your discipline... no matter how horrific the little terror is acting. And Linna was acting terrifyingly horrific.

I made her sit and stare at the wall (I have officially become the mom I used to shake my head at), which of course was a big joke to her at first. She was actually enjoying the time out. DAMMIT KID! I explained to her that she was in a time out, because hitting is not acceptable, she is not to tell her Mama "NO", and when that when she could say "sorry" for hitting, she could get up.

The 2.5-year-old's response (with a big, adorable smile on her face)... "I peed on the floor!".


So, I got down on her level and said, "You know better than to pee on the floor, and you know it's not ok to hit people. Tell Mama you're sorry for hitting, and then you can get up."

"Sorry for hitting Mama," she said, and then we hugged it out. Just when I thought we had successfully made it through her first time out, the defiance train kept right on a chuggin'.

"Linna, go sit on the potty now please, so we can get ready to go to school," I said, realizing we were running super late for school drop-off.

"NO potty, and NO school!", Linna said with her lips puckered in her signature "sass face". But this time, her sass was followed up WITHOUT hitting me. Success?! Whateves. Here we go again. Back to time out she went, only this one was embellished with crying, screaming, and thrashing about (on her part, not mine... although I was pretty close to throwing myself on the floor too).

Linna's signature "sass face". She's lucky she's cute.

Every time she tried to get out of her time out spot, I put her right back. This seriously pissed her off. While convincing myself that reaching for the liquor cabinet is not socially acceptable at 11 a.m., I continuously explained to my 2.5-year-old the reason that she was in time out, and that once she was ready to settle down and say "sorry", she could get up.

"MAMA ROCK YOU!", she wailed. This is what she says when she's upset and she wants me to rock her. This little human sure knows how to rip my heart apart, and find that tiny ounce of sensitivity buried deep inside my "tough-mom" exterior. I was so ready to cave. We were late for school, my blood was boiling, and I had just turned the air-conditioner off, so I was sweating balls.

Must. Be. Consistent.

After I put her back in time out at LEAST a dozen times, I think she finally got the hint. We sat down, talked about what had happened, and she apologized. We hugged it out, she sat on the potty, and we got ready for school. She was still "pouty", and we were 20 minutes late for school, but we made it through our first time out.

On our way to school, I asked her what had been bothering her this morning. I know she's teething (getting the last of her molars), the Singapore heat has been wearing her out lately, but there's NO excuse for hitting. I explained to Linna's teachers what had happened this morning, and they were very receptive about watching her extra close today, and will give me a "report" when I pick her up in a couple hours.

Come 5 p.m., you can find me with a cold glass/bottle of Fat Bird, and venting with one of my favorite fellow-cocktail-drinking moms in Singapore. T.G.I.F.F.

UPDATE: I picked Linna up from school this afternoon, and her teacher said she was very good today. Holla! Linna also told me that she's growing a baby in her tummy. WTF?! No, I'm not pregnant.


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  2. Melissa, I wish I could say the temper tantrums end at 3 but sadly they just get worse as you approach 3 and 4. I thought 2 and 3 were great compared to age 4. They are really testing the limits and have a mouth that can sass like no one else! Hang in there! You did great! Hope the heat let's up soon! We just got a bunch more snow! ��

  3. I know it's rough Mama. Been there done it all. P.S. Hailey says she has a baby in her belly about once a week. Haha!