Monday, August 18, 2014

Throwing a birthday party for our 3-year-old in singapore.

Princess balloon centerpiece for Linna from THAT Balloons.
This year, our Minnesota Baby turned three years old in Singapore. So, we decided to host a birthday party for Linna at our condo. If you know me at all, you know that I love going "all out" when it comes to parties... especially when it's a party for my kid. This was my first time planning a birthday party for Linna in Singapore, and it's not as easy as it was organizing her birthday parties back home in Minnesota.

No car.
No Target.
And no family here to help with the planning, and/or party itself.

However, we do have one thing in Singapore that we don't have back home in Minnesota... A POOL! And since Linna is a little fish, we decided to plan a pool party for her third birthday. After doing some searching online and talking to a few other moms here in Singapore, I found a company called Kids Pool Party Singapore. It's a team of children's party-planners and swim coaches that will come to your pool, and provide entertainment and games for kids' pool parties in Singapore. Fantastic!

Everyone starting to get into the pool for some fun with the Kids Pool Party Singapore crew!

Ball toss in the pool!

Since we had kids at Linna's party of a wider age-range (infants to 7-years-old), the staff at Kids Pool Party Singapore worked with me to plan appropriate games and activities for all the kids. They showed up with a TON of pool toys, floaties, boats, etc., and the crew entertained the kids and parents in the pool for an hour. We sang songs, played ball-games, did obstacle courses, and the kids loved going for rides in the big inflatable boats. The crew was SO great with all the kids! I loved that I didn't have to worry about buying, inflating, and storing a bunch of pool floaties, and professionals did the entertaining for me. After the party, they made sure that the pool area was exactly as they found it when they arrived. I would use this company again in a heartbeat, as everyone seemed to have a great time. Plus, they put me in contact with a coach named Garett Lee at Little Swim School, who teaches baby swimming lessons in Singapore. We've been looking for a swimming coach/school here, that can work on swim strokes with Linna. We'll see how that pans out!

Balancing on the floating mat and jumping through hoops!

This was a fun activity for all the kids at the party!

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We also booked OG from THAT Balloons for the first hour of Linna's birthday party, after we saw entertainers from this company working at an Easter Sunday Brunch that we took my in-laws to this year. OG made some pretty amazing balloon animals and toys for the kids, and I was incredibly impressed with the princess centerpiece he created out of balloons for Linna. It was so cute to watch Linna's little friends all dressed up in super-hero and princess costumes, running around with balloon swords and balloon animals. With the crazy expensive cost of helium-inflated balloons in Singapore, I'd much rather have a great entertainer MAKING balloon animals for Linna and her friends! The balloons ended up all over our condo, looking like great decorations anyway:)

OG from THAT Balloons giving two little princesses their balloon animals.

Birthday girl Linna and her balloon dog.
OG in action, making balloons for the kids.
(Sorry, but Papa Saigh held the phone the wrong way when recording.)

I decided to make/prep all the food for the party myself, and went the "simpler" DIY route. Cheese and jam sandwiches (not together) for the kids, and a chicken cashew pasta salad for the adults. We also served veggies with hummus and ranch dip ('Merica), an assortment of fruits, popcorn in bags for the kids, trail mix (peanuts, raisins, and M&Ms), lollipops and marshmallows, and just bottled water and juice boxes. Simple items, but it meant me prepping/chopping in the kitchen for 8+ hours the night before the party. My biggest headache was the birthday cake. I found a picture of a princess cupcake/cake on Pinterest that I knew I couldn't mess up, as long as I could successfully bake a few dozen cupcakes, and frost them. The cupcakes (from scratch) turned out as good as one could expect from a beginner, but my homemade frosting attempt was a major FAIL. I attempted the White Cloud Icing recipe that I found on Pinterest, and instead of ending up with a beautiful fluffy icing... I created a liquid catastrophe. I have no clue where I went wrong with this recipe, but it's nothing a trip to the store (reason #185 I miss having a car... and a Target down the street from my house) and a few tubes of store-bought frosting couldn't fix. By the time I was finished putting frosting on the last cupcake, I was just about ready to collapse from exhaustion after all the work I did for this two-hour birthday party... for my 3-year-old.

Birthday party food.

Birthday sign that Mama and Papa Saigh made for Linna's party.

Princess cupcakes.

Goodie bags for Linna's friends with popsicles and candy inside!

My wonderful neighbors Simone and Eva, and my new
good friend Marian. Don't know what I'd do without these ladies!

Linna, her school pal Emilia, and Emilia's sister Victoria. Darling princesses!

Overall, the party was a huge success. Linna crashed for an afternoon nap after the last party guest left, and I think she survived the day on candy, cake, and juice. I know this because of the vomit incident she had while we were swimming with friends later that afternoon:( A good lesson on the importance of limiting our sugar intake, I guess.

Cute gift from Dolly, Brian, Clare and Casey!

Singapore friends.

Some of Linna's pals that we met at our first condo in Singapore.
Happy, sugar-filled birthday girl!

Thanks to all of our friends in Singapore who came out to celebrate our little 3-year-old! Linna received so many wonderful gifts, and it was really nice being surrounded by our "family" here in Singapore on this special day.


  1. It looks like you made her 3rd Birthday very memorable! I can't believe how carefree she is in the pool! I cannot get my daughter (4) to go under water AT ALL...Good for you :) Looks like you made her feel special!

  2. Yeah!! I have visited this place millions of time and this is one of my favourite place. Actually, last year, I hired a party planner for my son’s birthday celebration. And, he suggested me this place. All of us enjoyed there a lot!