Monday, September 22, 2014

Linna's new obsession with taylor swift.

Papa Saigh recently said that our 3-year-old needs to listen to more "non-baby songs". Alright, he has a point, as Linna usually listens to songs from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, her favorite nursery rhymes, or other songs with the purpose of teaching her something beneficial... but there's only so much of that sh*t grown-ups can handle. As much as I love and appreciate the message behind Daniel Tiger and his friends singing, "STOP and listen to stay safe", we both needed a break from these annoyingly-catchy tunes.

So about a month ago, I decided to YouTube Taylor Swift's new song/video Shake It Off. It's a new, fun, catchy, pop song, without being inappropriate, right?!

Well, Linna is officially obsessed. It all started with our daughter wanting to sing "Shake It Off" to her Auntie Lisa on her birthday earlier this month, instead of "Happy Birthday"...

(Linna singing "Shake It Off" to Auntie Lisa on her birthday,
instead of singing "Happy Birthday".)

Now, we're here...

... And I think Papa Saigh is regretting ever spouting off his words of music advice.


  1. That's the most adorable thing ever! And Linna's got the moves!

    - r a e

  2. Haha, thanks! I think she gets her dance skills from me;)