Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Papa pees like this.

For those of you who told me that age three was much crazier than age two... you were so right. Our little Linna turned three years old about a month ago, and this new age-bracket has come with more questions and curiosity than we were ready for. She has questions about EVERYTHING! But it's her latest curiosity that has Mama and Papa Saigh's hair turning grey(er).

This morning when I brought Linna into the bathroom for her morning pee, she turned to face the toilet, and informed me that "Papa pees like this."

I am so so SO not ready for this sh*t.

Papa Saigh was in our bedroom getting ready for work, so I went to ask him if he was aware that Linna knows "how he pees" (we may or may not have erupted into a "silent" laughter at this "very adult" conversation - our maturity level as a couple is subpar at most). Papa Saigh told me that Linna has been overly curious every time he goes to the bathroom, as she tries to sneak a peak at his toilet time. Linna is very much a "daddy's girl" lately, which includes her following him to the bathroom when he needs to relieve himself. I find it absolutely hysterical listening to Papa Saigh try to explain to his little girl that "Papa needs his privacy when he goes to the bathroom", which is of course followed by a million questions from the three-year-old.

While I'm still incredibly immature in many of my behaviors, I am very open, honest, and "mom-like" when it comes to talking about body parts with our daughter. Linna and I shower naked together every day (we don't have a bathtub in Singapore), and she loves to point out where my nipples (AKA "nickles") are, she plays with my boobs and tells me that they're "squishy", and she does a lot of staring at my nether-regions (I can only imagine the terrifying thoughts that run through her head when she's trying to process that spectacle). If she asks me questions about body parts, I answer quite honestly.

Papa Saigh on the other hand, is a bit more reserved about these types of things.

As a mom, I feel it is very important to be consistent about not making Linna feel "bad" or "ashamed" when I see that she's "exploring" her female parts. However, I think Papa Saigh is MORTIFIED by these very natural child behaviors. He's SUCH a protective father, as Linna is his only daughter, so I completely get his thought process (and I love him for it). While each of us might have different opinions about our three-year-old exploring her OWN body, I think we're both on the same page when it comes to Linna's first potential "penis sighting" (gasp).

Whenever Papa Saigh showers with Linna, he wears a swimsuit. I questioned this at first, but to be perfectly honest, neither of us were/are quite ready for Linna to see the male anatomy. Call us naive, crazy, immature, or bad parents, but we're just not "there" yet. Even discussing the idea turns the two of us into immature school kids, discussing "private parts". Tehehehehe.

I know the whole thing probably isn't a big deal. I mean, it's JUST a penis. But how, as parents, do you get "there"? When do you let your little ones see your significant other's private parts? Or is this even a big deal in your home?

I'm not kidding you when I say I am terrified to think about our three-year-old's first "penis sighting". Gaaaaaahhhhhhh!


  1. My hubby walks from the shower to the bedroom naked and our daughter has seen it all. She's only two so she's maybe not as curious yet but being naked is no biggie at our house. When she finally asks, we'll answer. I think you're probably making this a bigger deal than it has to be.

  2. I'll be honest this is the first one of these I have read in quite some time and it has me laughing hysterically. Miss you both. Hope your life travels are going well and look forward to meeting again sometime in life.