Sunday, December 28, 2014

Linna's first bicycle.

I love my daughter. But her inability to pedal, look up, and steer at the same time seriously tests my "outstanding gift" of patience (FYI, Mama Saigh = Subpar patience). I am so thankful for our 3-year-old's Auntie Lisa and Papa Saigh, for giving Linna the basic lessons in bicycle riding... because frankly, I'm not cut out for this. We went back and forth between the idea of having her start with a balance bike (the latest trend), or a "regular" bike with training wheels. We decided to get her the bike with training wheels, so we can get as much use out of it as we can. I'm sure balance bikes are amazing, but balance bikes and bikes with training wheels cost $150+ in Singapore. I can't justify spending WELL beyond what we'd pay in the US, for not one... but TWO bikes.

She's 3.

Luckily, Papa's Saigh's parents (MeMaw and PeePaw) wanted to buy Linna her first bike for Christmas. So, I randomly found this bike on sale at Giant (my worst Singapore super-store nightmare) for under $100, and it came with a basket, tassels, and a bell... DONE. Bikes at Toys R Us in Singapore cost close to $200!

Seriously?! She's 3.

(She's stopped... which is the ONLY reason she's looking up.)

MeMaw and PeePaw Skyping in fromMN, while we do the big bike "reveal".

Anyway, Linna loves her new bike (thank you, MeMaw and PeePaw), and it was so fun to see the look on her face when we gave it to her on Christmas morning. I'm hoping that MeMaw and PeePaw are planning to fly to Singapore to teach her to ride it.

Side note: How cool it the GoPro?!

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