Thursday, July 9, 2015

Baby saigh #2 pregnancy: Weeks 18 & 19

Baby Saigh #2 at 19 weeks and 5 days (profile).
I'm going to be completely honest. These past two weeks have completely blended together. Between a 20-hour flight from Singapore to Minnesota, trying to get TV segments put together, see family and friends, cabin and Mankato visits, Linna's activities, etc., I barely know what day it is. Sometimes, I completely forget that I'm even pregnant! Other than some acid reflux, tiredness, and being a bit uncomfortable when trying to fall asleep, I'm am feeling really good. My boobs are gigantic though, and the bump just keeps growing (along with my appetite).

I went in for my 20-week ultrasound and doctor appointment this past Tuesday (19 weeks and 5 days pregnant), and Baby Saigh #2 is measuring right on track. I'm actually 20 weeks today, so half way there! We did a really thorough ultrasound, where the technician checked for the appropriate number of heart chambers, brain development, weight, etc. I was very clear with every nurse, doctor, and technician that I talked to, about NOT wanting to find out this baby's gender. I actually think I would have been really upset if someone would have slipped up and told me. But everyone did a really great job, especially the technician, as she told me to look away every time she scanned over the baby's nether-regions. I emailed the ultrasound photos to Papa Saigh after the appointment since he's still in Singapore working, and he says the baby is, "totally a boy". I feel like I saw some baby balls at a couple points during the ultrasound, so I'm still convinced that I'm having a boy. I asked the ultrasound technician about a million times if she knew what the baby's gender was (but not to tell me the gender), and at the end she said she was about 99% sure she knew what it was. I hated that she knew and I didn't... haha! But I seriously have no desire to find out this baby's gender. When the technician tried to get a profile shot of the baby, Baby Saigh #2 was actually standing up. We both laughed about it, and I asked if I could get video, but this OBGYN doesn't let me record video or take photos during the visit. The baby was moving around a LOT too during the visit, and he or she is SO cute!

My new favorite maternity pants/leggings from Stitch Fix. They're Rune
Navy Maternity Leggings. I need them in other colors!

I received my first maternity package in the mail from Stitch Fix, and I am in love with their new maternity clothes. I'm pregnant at a tricky time because I'll be REALLY big in both summer and fall, so buying clothes had been a process. Stitch Fix is really helping with that though, as they send a lot of options for both hot and cooler months. Linna has been great throughout this pregnancy too, and she's always hugging my belly and telling people that she's going to be a big sister. It's tough being away from Papa Saigh as my belly continues to grow, but he'll be in Minnesota before we know it!

Baby Saigh #2 with his/her mouth open. Looks like an ape!

Baby's hand up near his/her head. So cute!

Linna, "the bump", and I are really enjoying our time in Minnesota. The weather couldn't be more beautiful, and I love seeing Linna with her cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. It's going to be REALLY hard to go back to Singapore after this trip.

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