Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mini-hawks sports camp in hopkins.

While we are home in Minnesota from Singapore, I signed our 3-year-old up for a few activities to keep her busy and moving this summer. Other than dance, Chinese class, and swimming, I signed Linna up for a one-week sports camp through Skyhawks Sports Academy and the City of Hopkins. The Mini-Hawks Sports Camp covered basketball, tee-ball, and soccer, and ran Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. It was held outside on good weather days, and inside the Hopkins Pavilion on bad weather days (although they didn't have one bad weather day during the five days of sports camp).
All smiles at drop-off!

Group chat about sportsmanship and teamwork at the end of the day.

Batter up!

Working on throwing. Still lots to work on:)

Linna LOVED this sports camp from day one. It was a drop-off camp, but I stuck around for a majority of the first day, but then left her with her coaches during the rest of the camp. Since camp was so close to my parents' house in Hopkins, Linna's Nana and Bompa were able to come watch almost every day. We only had one day of tears on the second day, but it was only because Linna's mosquito repellent patch had fallen off, and apparently that was enough to set her off. Other than that, she loved playing games, running around, and learning new sports skills with her two coaches and the other campers. Her coaches were really great with all of the kids' different personalities as well, and I felt safe leaving Linna in their care each day.

Team huddle during the "game".

Feeling things out on the first day of Sports Camp.

Every day, the kids would start the morning off with a game like tag, and then they'd move onto their sports training. The coaches made sure the kids had enough bathroom breaks and water, and everyone took a shaded snack-break each day around 11 a.m. (parents provide the individual snacks). I made sure to lather Linna in sunscreen and bug repellent before I dropped her off each day, and sent her to camp with a baseball hat as well.

(Linna's first tee-ball "game" at Sports Camp.)

(After the "game" high-fives.)

At the end of each day, the campers sat with their coaches to go over the "lesson of the day" (mostly about sportsmanship and teamwork). Each camper got to go home with a Mini-Hawks tee-shirt, merit award, and a soccer ball, and all the parents came to watch a tee-ball "game" on the last day of camp (Tournament Day). The tee-ball game was so adorable, and basically consisted of each kid hitting a ball off a tee, and running all the bases while the outfielders scrambled to get the ball. Linna had scraped her knees earlier in the day, so she was a bit whiney during the game. We'll have to work on getting her a little more tough for these types of sports. Linna does NOT like ANY type of scrape, dent, or alteration to her body:)

Playing "toilet tag".

"Wacky Wednesday" at Sports Camp.

So emotional about her last day at Sports Camp. Just kidding, she scraped her knees:)
I would absolutely sign Linna up for this sports camp again next year. For about $100, the entire experience was well worth it. She loved it, I loved that she was getting tons of exercise while learning some new sports skills, and let's be honest... the free-time for Mama Saigh was amazing!

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