Thursday, July 28, 2016

DIY with mama saigh: Party games and decor.

I returned to The Jason Show over at FOX 9 this week, for another "DIY with Mama Saigh" segment.

This time, I shared ideas on how to create fun party-games and decor for kid's birthday parties. Our little girl will be turning FIVE YEARS OLD on August 8th, so we will be doing a lot of these ideas for her party!

Pirate party decor, using old cardboard boxes, and a skeleton I found at Party City.


Need: Sandbox (Fleet Farm), sand (Fleet Farm has 50 lb. bags for under $3), shovels & pails, treasures (I used Ring Pops, necklaces, chocolate gold coins, and plastic gold coins from Party City).


Need: Clear glass or plastic bottles (we saved beer bottles from the cabin this summer), paper for clues, Styrofoam coolers for treasure chests (Fleet Farm), paint and gems to decorate treasure chests (JoAnn Fabric & Craft Stores), treasures for inside treasure chest (we used freezies to look like jewels, and packed the coolers/treasure boxes with ice).

How To: Split your child's party guests into two teams (with a couple adults on each team to help read the clues, and keep the teams working together). Give them their first clue on a piece of paper, that will lead them on their hunt for "buried treasure". You can put the paper clues inside glass bottles (make sure the clues stick out of the top for easy accessibility), and hide them in various spots at your party venue (city parks are an inexpensive option and easy option, but make sure you have an adult monitoring each clue location, so other park-goers don't accidentally take the bottled clues). For our two treasure boxes (one for each team), we painted and decorated styrofoam coolers, filled them with ice and jewel-colored freezies. A fun treat at the end of the treasure hot, on a hot summer day!


Fish-netting, necklaces, gold coins, and Ring Pops from Party City. Pirate Booty, Granola Coins, and
baskets from Target.

Need: Small bags of chips or snacks, clothes pins, ribbon or strong string

* The snack bags are a great alternative to making or buying bunting for decoration. Plus, they're easily accessible to your little party guests!


The first time I'd ever witnessed this game, was when we were living in Singapore. This is a photo of our friends'
kiddos playing the "Donuts on a String" game. I think the game explains itself:)

Need: Medium or large donuts, ribbon or strong string, long stick/pole/board


Need: Old cabinet door or wood board, two cabinet door pulls/handles (found ours at Target), chalkboard paint (JoAnn Fabrics & Craft Stores), regular paint, drill, screws, paint brush, foam brush, sandpaper (optional, for distressed look), and painters tape.

How To: Sand down, then paint or stain your base board. Let dry, then screw in door pulls. Use painters tape to create whatever size chalkboard square you'd like in the middle of your board. Use a foam brush to paint a layer of chalkboard paint inside the painters tape. Let dry, apply a second coat, and once that's dry (about 24 hours), peel painters tape off and enjoy! This is a fun way to make birthday cake and breakfast in bed a little more personal, with a note for the birthday boy or girl written in chalk.

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