Tuesday, November 1, 2016

InnerActive: Twin cities indoor playground.

I'm putting it out there right now. This brand new, 18,000+ square-foot, indoor playground in the West Metro will be THE place to be with your kiddos this winter. If you haven't yet done so, bring the kids and check out InnerActive in Minnetonka, MN. Our 5-year-old is obsessed, and even my 34-year-old self enjoyed this place. Congratulations, Ted and Stacy Anderson, and thank you for bringing this much-needed facility to the Twin Cities! Here's our video tour from our visit during opening weekend...

(InnerActive video tour - Part 1)

(InnerActive video tour - Part 2)

(InnerActive video tour - Part 3)


  1. The owners of InnerActive Playground copied the entire business concept from Good Times Park in Eagan, where they were members for the past year. GTP is larger and has more play areas and amenities for the same or less cost. Come play at Eagan.

  2. We've never been to Good Times Park, but I think there is a lot of room for these types of indoor playgrounds in the Twin Cities! Parents/grandparents/caregivers all over MN are looking for these types of outlets, so I applaud Good Times Park and InnerActive for bringing these indoor playgrounds to all areas of Minnesota. We need more of them, so bring 'em on! - Mama Saigh

  3. LOL! This place is an IDENTICAL copy to Good Times Park right down to the exact same kind of building and materials used. Look out Good Times Park, Inner Active is your identical twin!