Tuesday, January 25, 2011

8 weeks.

My actual pregnancy tests.
Thursday, December 9th, 2010 is the day that changed our lives forever. We're pregnant!

Realizing that I was about a week late, I decided to take a pregnancy test. After one test showed a positive result, I decided to take another one. Again, same result. Since the "positive line" was pretty faint, I decided to take a test at the doctor's office the next day.


I took a blood test as well, and the next day I called the doctor right away at 8 a.m. to hear the results (not sure why I needed to hear the results of another test). The doctor told me my hCG number was low, so although they knew that I was pregnant, they wanted me to take another blood test to make sure those numbers at LEAST doubled. Sure enough, my number went from about 50 to about 278. As if I had be be reassured, the doctor said I'm definitely pregnant!

At this point, I'm only about five weeks along, so we decided to tell a few close friends and family.  Keeping this exciting news a secret is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I wanted to shout the news from the rooftops, and rush to my phone to Facebook and Twitter our exciting news. Instead, we've decided to wait, and just keep a journal on our Minnesota Baby blog.

We told my parents first on my mom's birthday (Dec. 14th, 2010). We stopped by my parents' house after work with a birthday card that read, "Happy Birthday. Get Your Party On". And then we wrote, "Because we got our pregnant on. Love, Baby Saigh". My mom and dad were so excited and shocked at the same time, since we had JUST gotten married on Oct. 2nd this year. I guess we just work fast.

Next, it was time to tell my husband's parents. My husband's sister ordered shirts that read, "Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer", and something about Grandpa and Santa. We had them open the shirts while we were in Mankato celebrating our Christmas together, and the looks on their faces were priceless. Telling our big news to these first, few people is something that I will remember forever... especially the reactions.

My mother-in-law in her new "grandma" shirt.

So far, I've experienced a little bit of nausea, breast tenderness (holy cow those things get big), and I've turned into one sleepy girl. I think I took a half-dozen naps over Christmas. It's amazing how my eating habits have changed too. My body is basically telling me to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and I'm not as hungry as I'm used to. Every now and then, smells will gross me out. One day it was chicken, the other day it was baked goods. So weird.

Next week, we'll be 9 weeks pregnant and go to our first REAL doctor's appointment, where we will hopefully get to hear baby's heart beat!

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