Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's a Girl.

The arrow is pointing to the "girl parts". The backside of
her legs are on both sides of the arrow. Can you see it?!
Yesterday, we found out that our little bean is a little girl! We had been anticipating this moment, pretty much since the day I got pregnant. We were both convinced Baby Saigh was a little boy, so finding out she's a girl was a pretty big shock!

Even though all the "old wives tale" tests (the ring test, Chinese chart, heart rate, etc.) told us we were having a girl, something in my gut said it was a boy. I guess the lesson learned is to not trust my gut and go with the old wives tales;)

As soon as the ultrasound tech put the ultrasound jelly on my belly, and then the little wand... there it was... our little lady... spread eagle! The first words out of the tech's mouth were, "do you want to know the sex?". AJ and I both quickly said yes, and he said, "those are little girl parts." It was so quick!  I always thought the "do you want to know the sex" question came at the end of the ultrasound. But it was obvious that our little girl REALLY wanted us to know that she is a girl!

AJ's jaw dropped and his eyes started to get a little "teary". I just couldn't believe it! I've always wanted a little girl, so you can only imagine the happiness we were both feeling. I couldn't wait to make phone calls and start Facebooking and Tweeting:)

Baby Girl Saigh at 19 weeks. She's the size of a heirloom

The rest of the ultrasound was completely normal and our little girl is developing very well. We do have to repeat the ultrasound in a month, because the tech couldn't see from her nose to her upper lip. They need to measure this as one of the "markers", to rule out a Cleft Palate. Of course, my heart sank when the doctor said this, but she assured us that it was simply because the tech couldn't see anything... not because they have reason for concern. Although I am concerned, AJ keeps reminding me that it's nothing, and if a Cleft Palate is our biggest worry then we should count our blessings.

Her closet is already starting to fill up. Shopping for a
little girl is too much fun! PS, that's a Baby Gaga Halloween
costume on the right from Auntie Julie G.
Of course, we've already been shopping. Little girl clothes are SO CUTE! AJ is already questioning the "coverage" of the girl clothes we've seen. I showed him a little swimsuit at Baby Gap, and he asked where the sleeves were!

For those of you who have asked, we DO have the baby's name picked out, but we're not going to "announce" it until she is born. We think we have a pretty good name picked out, and it's one that I had never heard before! Needless to say, we cannot WAIT until our little girl arrives in August:)

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