Sunday, May 15, 2011

26 weeks.

Little "LJ" is as big as an eggplant and
weighs almost 2 lbs.
I can't believe I'm already 26 weeks pregnant!  Our little bean is the size of an eggplant, weighs about 2 lbs., and her mama is getting big.  Although some people know what Baby Saigh's name is, we're still waiting to tell "everyone" when she's born.  But, we've started referring to her as little "LJ", so if you don't know her name yet, that might give you a little hint;)

Little LJ likes to move around a LOT, and I'm beginning to think we're going to have a squirmy little girl on our hands!  There's times where she literally moves all day long, with a half-hour break every now and then.  If I eat sugar, then she has a little dance party all by herself in my belly!  AJ and I can see her movements on the outside of my tummy now too (that started about a week ago).  When she kicks or punches, she makes my whole belly move!  Every mom tells me how much I'm going to miss feeling her move around in my belly once she's born, so I'm really cherishing every moment.  It's the weirdest thing, but the coolest feeling at the same time!

Her nursery is coming along as well.  Since her name is on the wall, I'm not going to post photos quite yet, but we decided to go with a giraffe print and hot pink theme!  Her furniture is all dark wood, the walls are beige, and the woodwork is white.  AJ painted her room right away, and we've had the nursery furniture for awhile now, but we just ordered her chair (thanks mom and dad!) from Baby Grand in Hopkins.  We had it custom covered in a dark brown fabric, so it will take another few weeks to get it in.  I can't WAIT until her room is finished!

One thing that I find so funny, is how absent-minded I've become!  People say that when you get pregnant, you become dumb.  Well, it's true!  I won't even pretend that I was some intellectual woman before I got pregnant, but this little girl has definitally put a blocker on my brain.  I am constantly forgetting things, and to be honest... I sometimes feel like I'm in my own little "lala land".  For those of you who didn't think I could get any "slower" (for lack of a better word)... think again;)

My cravings for sweets and not-so-healthy foods have continued.  I have always loved food, but pregnancy has made me completely obsessed!  I do pretty well with getting in all my fruits and veggies, but put a donut in front of me and I can magically make is disappear in seconds!  I take the glucose test at the doctor on Friday, so wish me luck!  I've already gained almost 20 lbs. since I got pregnant, so I better be careful:)

I'm looking for recommendations on nursing bras at the moment, so if you know the ones to get, let me know!


  1. My favorite nursing bras lately have been the cheap Gilligan & O'Malley brand from Target. There isn't much "shape" to them, but when you're sitting around the house (or hospital) on maternity leave wearing just a t-shirt, you won't care! I also have a couple from Motherhood Maternity that have an underwire for when I'm out in the real world and trying to look nice, but those don't get worn much! I've read that wearing a bra with an underwire while nursing can lead to clogged ducts, so I try not to wear them that often, but I've ALWAYS been an underwire person, so it's hard. Let me know if you get any other good suggestions!

  2. I had the sports bra style for at home, very comfy. Can get them basically anywhere, didn't have a particular favorite :) Out and about... didn't ever find one I loved! Let me know if you do!