Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm an emotional roller coaster.

For those of you who know me, you know I'm a naturally unemotional person.  At times, I've questioned whether or not I was born with a heart;)  But now, at 25 weeks pregnant, I can assure you that not only do I have a heart, but I'm an emotional basket case!

Everything these days makes me cry.  A sappy card, my husband being away on vacation for a week, a baby photo, even just thinking about our little girl... you name it... I bawl!  I'm ashamed to admit this, but even the show Teen Mom makes me lose it (I know... I shouldn't even be watching that show).  I've learned that I can't watch "Coming Home" on Lifetime (show about soldiers coming home to their families from overseas), or any show where babies are born.  I was researching ideas for baby and maternity photos the other day, and I literally sat at my computer and sobbed!  I can't believe I'm turning into an emotional person... you'd think I'm going to be a mom or something;)

Pizza the Hut from Spaceballs.
If I'm not crying, I'm breaking out into random bursts (and I mean BURSTS) of laughter!  My husband is normally the one who witnesses these ridiculous outbursts, and the "attacks" are rarely about anything funny.  But, this pregnant lady finds it extremely hilarious.  The other night, AJ and I were laying in bed and he said something about pizza.  In my head, I couldn't stop picturing myself looking like "Pizza the Hut" from Spaceballs.  So I started hysterically laughing to the point of tears!  I've done this on numerous occasions since I became pregnant, and I'm starting to wish that the things I'm laughing about were actually funny to other people.

Oh pregnancy hormones!

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