Friday, May 20, 2011

The glucose test - 27 weeks.

Ugh... the glucose test.  I've been hearing about this test for the past few weeks from other moms, and I'm happy to say it's over!  Now, I like me some sugar, but the drink the doctor gives you before the test is simply nasty.  And how much sugar does that little bottle have in it?!  I couldn't even think straight and I felt sick to my stomach.  I had the fruit punch flavor and it tasted like Hawaiian Punch that went bad:(  Bleh!

The glucose test is usually done between week 24 and 28 of pregnancy.  It's a routine test for gestational diabetes.  You drink a special glucose mixture about 45 minutes before your doctor appointment (they tell you 45 minutes, but the test is done an hour after you finish the drink - they give you a little extra drive time).  The nurse draws your blood and tests your blood sugar level.  The test has to be sent out, so my results will come back Monday.  If you have high blood sugar levels, you have to go into the hospital for the REALLY long test (I guess it takes like 3 hours).  If you "fail" that test, you'll be diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  I just hoping I pass this first test, so I don't really know what happens after that:)

My mom had gestational diabetes with my sister (her third baby).  I remember her having to prick her finger multiple times a day, to test her blood sugar level.  My brother and I used to play with her finger pricker thingy, to test our blood sugar level:)  Sounds safe huh?!

Keep your fingers crossed that my test results come back ok!

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