Monday, October 10, 2011

Two months old.

As Linna gets older, we're noticing that she's developing her own little personality!  She is SUCH a good little baby.  She only cries if she's tired, hungry, or has a poopy diaper.  When she's awake, she's perfectly content just hanging out by herself, and she loves to "talk" to people, or play with her Baby Einstein play mat.  When she's on her tummy, she can hold her head up almost 90 degrees, and she loves standing up (she's so strong).  Her favorite book right now is Green Eggs and Ham... I think she likes the bright bold colors!

Sparkle band-aids after her shots
We took her to her two-month check-up with the pediatrician today, and yes, she had to get her shots.  I have been dreading this moment since the day she was born.  AJ came with, held her hands when she was laying on the table to get the shots, and I picked her up as soon as it was over (I got to be the "good guy")!  She got three shots, and the nurse did them all in a row (really quickly), so she just screamed for about a minute.  Her face turned all red, she shook her head back and forth, and she screamed so hard that she almost forgot to breathe (poor baby)!  She's doing really well today, so overall the experience wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I hear the four and six month shots are the worst!

Linna in her Boppy
Linna spends a lot of time in her Boppy, so she can strengthen her tummy muscles.  It teaches her to sit up too!  She's such an easy-going baby and just kind of goes with the flow.  We're still using reusable diapers during the day and night while I'm home, and although the laundry gets a little annoying, I really think it's a great fit for us.  We do disposables when we're out and about.  She's drinking between 3-4 oz. every three hours or so, and ever since we put her on Raniditine for her acid reflux, her spit-up problem has almost completely disappeared, and she's a happy little lady!  She's also sleeping an average of 4-6 hours at night, and actually slept an eight-hour stretch two nights in a row (we're hoping this becomes a habit)!

With Grandma and Grandpa Saigh
(MeMaw and PePaw) at the apple orchard
We took Linna to the apple orchard last weekend with her grandparents on both sides.  We hope to make this a tradition with both of our families!  I can't wait until she can actually pick apples and eat the recipes we make with the apples from the orchard:)

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