Sunday, May 20, 2012

My $1 garage sale "find" for linna.

My mom's side of the family (the Krekelbergs) is a group of BIG garage sale fans! Every summer, my aunts, cousins, and I spend hours up at our cabin, driving around in the Ol' Suburban, searching for great bargains at the endless garage sales around the Spicer/New London area. In the Krekelberg Family, a lot of "dickering" goes on between "the buyer" and the "seller", because the Krekelbergs know how to get a good bargain!

This weekend, my mom, Linna and I hit up the Hobby Acres garages sales in Hopkins... an event we look forward to every year. I found some super cute, gently-used clothing for Linna for around 50-cents a piece, including some Oshkosh B'gosh overalls and a GAP romper! My mom even found a swing for Linna for $3. But the "find" I am most excited about, is the wood rocking horse that I got for ONE DOLLAR!!!

The best part is, I didn't even have to "dicker" with the seller. It was just a buck! It's an old, all-wood rocking horse that is in great condition! We had Linna test it out this morning and she loves it! Every little kid needs a rocking horse, right?!

On a side note, although we LOVE garage sales and I'm not "above" buying gently-used clothing, toys, etc., I am really cautious with my purchases. I never buy bedding, soft kid's toys etc, because I really fear gross things like bed bugs and other bacteria that live inside those kinds of things. I wash all of the clothing we buy at garage sales TWICE in HOT water. Any hard toy, even the rocking horse, is hosed down and cleaned off. It's great finding a good deal, but let's be honest... we'll never know the full history behind things you find at a garage sale;)

Happy hunting!

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