Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012.

This wasn't Linna's first Christmas, but this year was the first time Linna could actually "enjoy" Christmas. Last year, she was only a few months old, but this year she was almost a year-and-a-half, so watching her open all of her gifts was really fun! Will she remember?! Probably not. But it sure was fun!

Linna loves giving gifts to her grandparents too!
Linna was a little sick this Christmas, and thankfully it was just a cold, but she was a little bit of a "crabby pants" over the last few days. We could tell she really wanted to enjoy all of her presents, but she just felt like crap! AJ and I also got to experience what our parents have been talking about ever since we were little... putting Christmas gifts together that include MANY pieces. So much assembly required... WOOF! But, we really are grateful for all of the gifts Linna received this Christmas. She is so spoiled!

What's under there Linna?!

Linna's first trike from Mama and Papa!
Parents of the Year - Mama and Papa Saigh put together Linna's kitchen from
Grandma and Grandpa Saigh.

Rain coat, boots, shopping cart, clothes and more
from Auntie Lisa, Uncle John, and "RoRo" (Rosco).
We celebrated Christmas with AJ's family in Mankato on Dec. 23rd, Christmas Eve with my family at my parents' house on Dec. 24th, and watched Linna open her presents from Santa at our house on Christmas day. Being at our house on Christmas morning is a tradition that we started when Linna was just a couple months old. We feel it's important for Linna to wake up in her house, in her bed, and open Christmas presents on Christmas morning with her family. However, we never anticipated that we'd be moving out of the country for two years in 2013, so we're not sure what the next two Christmas mornings have in store:)

Christmas morning brunch in our home! AJ's family
drove from Mankato that morning to watch Linna
open her presents from Santa.

Papa Saigh and his Christmas bug.

My mom made one of AJ's favorite appetizers (Deviled Eggs) on Christmas Eve.
Linna is really blessed to have so many family members who love her. They all have great taste and certainly know how to turn our Minnetonka home into a mini Toys R Us store;) Thank you to everyone who made Linna's second Christmas so wonderful!

Our sick lil' Christmas bug on Dec. 23rd... runny nose and all.

Happy 2013!

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