Thursday, September 5, 2013

Linna's latest favorite bedtime reads.

(Papa Saigh reading "Paw Prints on the Magic Sofa" to Linna.)

"Purple Paw Prints" and "Paw Prints on the Magic Sofa" are two of Linna's favorite books recently. Papa Saigh reads these books to her almost every night, and Linna loves saying the parts of the book that she knows! My favorite is when she says "... nobody knew" (as seen in the video above).

The author of these books is a mom of three boys named Sarah Mounsey. She and her family currently live in Singapore. This is Linna's second book series by an author in Singapore, and so far we're three for three (that means they are very good)! Sarah's first book, "Purple Paw Prints", is a story about a boy named Eddie, who decided to paint his dog Oscar purple! The story follows Eddie and Mia, as they attempt to clean their dog and get into all sorts of wet and purple fun along the way. "Paw Prints on the Magic Sofa" is a story about Eddie's adventure on his magic sofa, where he meets different animal friends that jump on the sofa with him to travel around the world! If you have someone read this book to your little ones with some enthusiasm in their voice, you'll be sure to capture the kiddos' attention, as their imaginations run wild!

"Purple Paw Prints" and "Paw Prints on the Magic Sofa":

Under $15 each (under $20 each for orders outside Singapore)
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