Monday, September 23, 2013

Playful elves at west coast plaza.

Linna (25 months old) at Playful Elves.

Now that we're living on the West Coast of Singapore, I have been on a mission to find an indoor play area to take Linna to on rainy days. While shopping at West Coast Plaza a couple weeks ago, I came across a place called Playful Elves. Linna and I have been there twice now, and we love it!


She's magical!

While parents hang out in the cafe area, little ones can explore the Magical Play Forest and Castle in a Jungle. There is SO much to keep the little ones entertained! Linna loved playing with the Lego's and toys when we walked inside, and then she was off to play on the cars inside the race track. The first day we played at Playful Elves, we had the place all to ourselves for the first half hour or so. Linna couldn't get enough of the bouncy castle and slide! She then discovered the Magical Play Forest, where she climbed up and down all the equipment, and she was obsessed with the ball machines. Linna spent 20 minutes or so collecting the soft balls to put into her bag, so she could bring them up to the ball shooter on the higher level of the play area. She also loved watching the balls float in the little air machine thing. She went up and down the slides, always making sure Mama Saigh was nearby of course;)

They keep this place really clean, which I appreciate as a parent. The only thing I wish they would add is a restroom on site, as I would have to walk across the shopping center to take my little potty-trainer to the toilet every 45 minutes or so. The couple times we've played here, it's never been too busy, so Linna doesn't feel intimidated with so many bigger kids running around. The staff was very friendly, and made sure all the kids sanitized their hands before they went inside to play. There's also children's music playing over the speakers, which I can also appreciate as a parent. Playful Elves is a happy, colorful spot that we will be visiting again very soon. I would go on a weekday, as you can more playtime for your admission price. Don't forget to bring socks for your little one, and for yourself if you want to play along too!

Playful Elves

West Coast Plaza (2nd floor), Singapore
Admission: $20 for non-members, $18 for members
(2 hours of play on Mon-Thur, and 1 hour of play Fri-Sun)
+65 6100 0353

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