Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mama's afternoon in tiong bahru.

Before AJ headed off to Bangkok for a week, he gave me the chance to take some "me time" for a few hours last weekend. As any busy mom knows, time spent alone is really important, in order to keep our sanity! I decided to spend a few hours at a great new spa in Tiong Bahru (fabulous area in Singapore), followed up by some solo grocery shopping (yes, I consider this to be "free time" since I didn't have little Linna tagging along).

A friend of mine told me about Nimble Knead, after she had what she called "the best massage of her life". I looked on their web site, and since their prices are very reasonable, I booked a hour-long massage and 45-minute scrub. Almost two hours of bliss for under S$150 (check their website for current promotions)... YES PLEASE! I started my day with the Tingy Tangy Body Scrub. I don't think that I have ever had a full body scrub before, so this was quite a treat. I basically got completely nude (with disposable underwear of course), lied down on the table, and had a woman named Ain scrub my body from head-to-toe! All of my newest bug bites (I have tons) got the "scratch" they desperately needed during this scrub-down:) This woman scrubbed every square inch of me. Thankfully I'm not shy, and I actually welcome a good tush/bum exfoliation (I've never experienced that before)! Although it wasn't 45 minutes of straight exfoliation, as Ain left the room a couple times, it was still incredibly relaxing. After a nice hot shower, my skin was glowing, moisturized, and ready for some more pampering.

I have had plenty of massages (it's my guilty pleasure), so I feel like I know a good one when I find it. In all honesty, Ain is one of the BEST massage therapists I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her hands are like miracle tools, and she worked the shiz out of my back during my 60-minute Thai Thai Aroma Body Massage. I actually think I groaned out loud during my massage, as Ain was able to work out the knots in my back that my husband can never seem to find. I have never had a better back massage in all my life, and find myself thinking about it daily.

Nimble Kneed is definitely a unique little spa. Their massage rooms are actually designed as shipping containers! Sound proof, they are not, but if a little noise outside your spa room doesn't bother you, then you must check this place out!

My cheese purchases at The Foodie Market Place.
After my amazing couple hours with Ain at Nimble Kneed, I sat down for a cup of coffee and a croissant at this little bakery that my French friend Jida introduced me to. It's called Tiong Bahru Bakery, and it's a little slice of heaven. I've even brought Linna here in the past, when meeting friends for coffee. The baked goods are amazing, and their lattes are phenomenal! It's a great little spot to have coffee with friends, or to simply enjoy a little time alone.

Before heading home, I stopped at this specialty market that my friend Julie from the UK introduced me to a few months ago. While it's hidden around a corner at the end of Tiong Bahru Road, it's totally worth looking for. You'll see what I mean when you get there! At The Foodie Market Place, you can buy all kind of delicious cheese, meat, pizzas, spreads, and basically all of the food items you pay and arm and a leg for at Cold Storage, or you're unable to find anywhere else in Singapore! They have these potato cheese balls that the kids love, and meat that is grass-fed and usually from Australia. The best part is the prices! I try to get here at least once a month to stock up, if not weekly.

Tiong Bahru is one of those neighborhoods in Singapore that you'd love to live in, but the family condos are really expensive! It's the perfect place to spend a morning or afternoon if you ever get a little alone time. Don't forget to make a stop at the Tiong Bahru Market too, where you'll find a great wet market, and loads of fresh fruits and vegetables!

Look for this sign on the wall outside
the market & you'll know you're at the right place!

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