Thursday, December 5, 2013

The eye-patch is off.

Linna being examined by the awesome woman at
MN Lion's Children's Eye Clinic today.
Today, Linna had a one-month follow-up appointment at the Minnesota Lion's Children's Eye Clinic at the U of M Children's Amplatz Hospital. We've been seeing Dr. Sonal at the Singapore National Eye Center for a few months, after we noticed one of Linna's eyes drifting occasionally, and at the end of October Dr. Sonal suggested that Linna wear an eye-patch for two hours each day, in hopes of correcting her Intermittent Exotropia (AKA a Divergent Squint of misaligned eyes). Although I left our appointment a little frustrated today, Dr. Areaux at MN Children's says that Linna doesn't have to wear her eye-patch for the next three months.

First of all, the woman (I wish I would have gotten her name - she's in the photo to the left) that initially tested Linna's eyes today, was SO wonderful! She was incredibly patient and great with Linna. After a few tests and some eye-drops to dilate Linna's eyes, this woman re-checked Linna, and then sent Dr. Areaux in. I'm not sure if we caught Dr. Areaux on an "off" day, but I'm confused as to why he works in pediatrics. He seemed like he was in such a rush, and acted a little "annoyed" when Linna would show him her toys, etc. Although he was very straight and to the point (which I really did appreciate), he seemed as if we were inconveniencing him or something. I'm sure he was just really busy today with an overloaded work schedule, but seriously... when my 2-year-old shows you her toy cow... please act impressed. It doesn't take much effort. I'm sure Dr. Areaux is very good at his profession, and I DO respect his medical opinion, but he's not that great with little kids... in my opinion.

Frustration aside, I am happy that Linna doesn't have to wear an eye-patch for the next three months, until we visit again with Dr. Sonal at the Singapore National Eye Center when we leave Minnesota at the end of this year. Linna never really minded having the eye-patch on her face, but there were days when I would almost forget to put it on her (oops!). Dr. Areaux said that Linna is controlling her eye alignment pretty well on her own, and that we'll just have to follow up every three months to see if it corrects itself. He did say that Linna would most likely end up having to wear glasses or have corrective surgery if it doesn't get better over time.

Linna examining one of her toy's eyes:)

More testing. Linna did so well!

Although I'd like to believe otherwise, I'm not a doctor, so I am going to take Dr. Areaux's advice. In MY opinion, I don't think the patch helped Linna's condition, and I actually believe it made it worse. But maybe I'm just noticing it more. Who knows. If Dr. Sonal in Singapore suggests that we continue using the patch in three months, then we will. Dr. Areaux did say Linna's vision overall is great, so that made me relax a little bit. I'm sure you can see my frustration having to deal with two doctors in two COMPLETELY different countries. It is good to have more than one professional opinion! I guess we'll just have to "wait and see" on this one.

There was a lot to keep Linna entertained
while we waited for her appointment.

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