Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Linna has to wear an eye patch.

Linna wearing her first eye patch at the doctor, while waiting
to do some testing. My pouty-lipped little pirate:)
This morning, I took Linna in for her follow-up eye appointment with Dr. Sonal Farzavandi at the Singapore National Eye Center before we leave for the US on Friday. Bummer news... Linna will have to wear a patch over her left eye (her strong eye) for two hours a day over the next month, to work on strengthening her weak eye.

It's really no big deal and I remember my younger cousin Ian having to wear an eye-patch as a baby, but thinking about keeping an eye patch on a two-year-old while she's playing for two hours, sure sound like tons of fun, right?! Insert sarcasm. However, the patches Linna got at the doctor are super cute, and I'm excited to search for more (I only have four patches, so I better shop soon)! When Linna was wearing her first patch (a princess design, of course) at the doctor's today, she walked around telling everyone she was a princess pirate:)

Last month, we took Linna to see Dr. Sonal at the recommendation of Linna's regular pediatrician in the US during her two-year check-up. Dr. Sonal diagnosed Linna with Intermittent Exotropia (AKA a Divergent Squint of misaligned eyes), but thought it would just correct itself. Today, after some follow-up testing, Linna's eye wasn't improving the way Dr. Sonal would have liked, so she thought it would be best to have Linna start wearing a patch.

We will follow up with a doctor in the US in a month to see if Linna's condition is improving. If not, she'll wear the patch until we are back in Singapore on January 1st, when Dr. Sonal can check it again. So, we basically have a little pirate (a cute one I might add), until her weak eye can get stronger. ARRRRRRRRR... or is it, "ARRRRGH"?! We'll have to work on our pirate lingo;)

If you know of any children's eye patch companies that make fun prints for girls, let us know!


  1. My 6 yr old has a lazy eye and we have been patching for over a year or so. We have used Ortopad Girls Eye Patches. You can find them on They have girly ones and even ones with sparkles! :) We have switched over to the felt, reusable ones, but those only work with eye glasses... Good luck! Linna Looks so cute!!!!

  2. That's the brand her doctor recommended. Having my sister in law order some now, so they will be in NYC when we arrive on Friday! Thx. How is your son progressing? - Melissa