Wednesday, February 5, 2014

GIVEAWAY: Valentine's day gift ideas.


BITSY BLOSSOM WINNER: Congratulations to SEAN KOH! Please email us ( with your address and phone number, so we can verify and get your Bitsy Blossom Handmade Shoes to you. Thanks for participating everyone!

Adorable handmade shoes for your little Valentine by Bitsy Blossom.
I shop Etsy often, and fell in love with these little pink shoes that I found. They're handmade/designed,
and you can find many different styles on this Missouri mom's Etsy page. Our 2-year-old daughter
Linna will be wearing a pair for my brother's wedding in October!
Price: $36+ USD

Mommy-daughter shoes in Singapore by Marcha Ballerina.
I found this kiosk at Raffles City that sells comfortable and stylish ballet flats for moms
and their little ladies. I picked up a pair of black flats for my daughter and I, and we wear them
all the time. This would be a great Valentine's Day gift idea for dads to give to the special
ladies in his life. Your girls will swoon!
Price: $30+ SGD
Kids clothing at price we love, by RUUM.
This company is always having a sale, so you can get a lot of clothing shipped to your home
for very little. RUUM has a store at Minnesota's Mall of America too, with great styles for boys and girls!
Check their website often for fantastic deals. They offer free shipping often too.
Price: Varies by size and style
Books about love for you and your little ones.
I'm such a sap when it comes to reading books about love with our 2-year-old. Three of our current favorites are Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney, Love Monster by Rachel Bright, and Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You by Nancy Tillman. Our 2-year-old has at least one of these books in her stack for bedtime reading!
Price: $16.99 USD
(Check online for deals on Amazon and Barnes & Noble)

Days of the week panties for mama.
Is it weird that I've always wanted "days of the week" undies? This collection of eight, 100% Italian cotton modal and lace, pastel-color panties are so comfortable, and they don't have any lines! You can buy just one pair, or the entire set, and they come in a range of colors. They may not be cheap, but they're a sexy and practical Valentine's Day gift idea for moms!
Price: $20+ USD ($95 USD for the set)
Fresh face for Valentine's Day... and all year long.
This little skincare device is a pretty powerful microdermabrasion system. I actually gave
the DDF Resolve 500x Micro-Polishing System to my future sister-in-law for Christmas, and
she told me that my brother even uses it to clean his face every day! For less than the cost of one
microdermabrasion treatment at the dermatologist's office, you can get a 360-degree oscillating brush,
micro-derma polishing crystals, exfoliator, two cleansing brushes, plus batteries. She'll love it... and so will you!
Price: $139 USD (includes free shipping) 

Parents want a good nap.
Ask any parent what their idea of the perfect Valentine's Day consists of, and chances are, a good nap is on their list. Aden + Anais is known for their amazing baby swaddles, but did you know they have blankets for big people too? The Daydream Blanket is made of four-layers of 100% cotton muslin, and it's perfect for cozying up during quiet time, enjoying family movie nights or just as an added home accent. After all, grown-ups deserve a little luxury too!
Price: $125 USD

My husband wants beer.
I let my husband choose a great gift for dads on Valentine's Day... and he chose beer. What kind, you
ask? He says that one of his favorite IPAs is Chasin' Freshies by Deschutes Brewery. It's a fresh-Hop IPA,
and it only comes out once a year. I must say that I love this beer too! If only they had it in Singapore.
Price: Depends on where you buy it. Available at Whole Foods and Lunds in Mpls, MN.


  1. Love those shoes!! Brittany Peltola

  2. Pretty shoes...aww....
    Carol Lim Mei Mei

  3. Will make the perfect gift for my niece's first birthday!

    Robert Sim

  4. love the shoe, so cute and sweet.

    Jess Koh

  5. Nice shoes!!

    Sean Koh (

  6. BITSY BLOSSOM WINNER: Congratulations to SEAN KOH! Please email us ( with your address and phone number, so we can verify and get your Bitsy Blossom Handmade Shoes to you. Thanks for participating everyone!

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