Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sunday brunch at the fullerton hotel's town restaurant.

Bug in her Sunday best for brunch at The Fullerton.
We have been to many Sunday champagne brunches in Singapore. Every so often we're completely "wow-ed" by our experience, and our visit to The Fullerton Hotel's Town Restaurant last Sunday was one of those moments. My husband says that this was "hands down" the best Sunday brunch he's experienced in Singapore, while I have it as one of my top two spots.

First of all, when you have a toddler and no helper or family members in Singapore, childcare is key when finding a good Sunday brunch spot. Town Restaurant at The Fullerton Hotel has this! Kids can play, eat, and watch movies downstairs in the supervised playroom, while parents dine, sip on champagne, and relax upstairs in the dining area. This brunch also goes from 12-3:30 p.m., so my husband and I got to enjoy a little over three hours of "couple time", once Linna finished her brunch with us and then went downstairs to play. Loved this!

Supervised children's play room.

Linna enjoying her brunch with Mama and Papa Saigh.

Food in the children's play room.

Linna enjoying herself in the children's play room.

Second, the food at Town Restaurant's Sunday Brunch is spectacular. They have so much to chose from (salads, seafood, breakfast dishes, Indian food, fruits, imported cheeses, pastas, sushi, meats, deserts... the list seriously goes on and on), and the best part is that it's all very spread out around the restaurant. We never felt like we were waiting for food, or crammed in a small area with too many people. The chefs were also very friendly and helpful when we asked questions about the food too! I've never seen so many different types of delicious cheese from all over the world in my life. The seared scallops were one of my favorites, along with the curry at the Indian food section. They also had the most AMAZING truffle risotto, and truffle mashed potatoes, that my husband and I couldn't get enough of! I still drool when I think of those tasty dishes.

The most amazing cheesy, truffle risotto... in a giant bowl carved out of cheese!

Part of the spread.

They had butter chicken curry. Nom!


Linna of course went straight to the chocolate fountains, to load up on fruit and cakes that she could dip into her chocolate. Mama and Papa Saigh loved that our champagne glasses were always topped off:) PLUS... beer, wine, coffee, soda, margaritas, and other fun drinks were included in the brunch. Our tummies were completely satisfied!

What really sets this Sunday brunch apart from others in Singapore, is the location, atmosphere, and the entertainment. I loved that we were spending the afternoon at the Historic Fullerton Hotel in Singapore, and while it's not very common to find fun, live music at a swanky Sunday brunch in Singapore, Town Restaurant had two guys playing guitar and singing some great upbeat music. I think this is why my husband says this was his favorite Sunday brunch experience. The musicians made the atmosphere seem less "stuffy" than other Sunday brunches we've been too, and EVERYONE was having a great time. People of all ages were dancing and singing along to the music! We were having SO much fun, that we decided to pick Linna up from the play-area early so she could dance and enjoy the music too.

Young and old enjoyed the musical entertainment!

When it comes to the overall experience (food, drinks, childcare, atmosphere, service, location, and entertainment), the Sunday Brunch at The Fullerton Hotel's Town Restaurant is one of the best family-friendly Sunday Brunches in Singapore (if not THE best, according to my husband). Yes, Sunday champagne brunches are not cheap in Singapore, but when you find a good one, it's well worth the money, if you ask us. We will be back to The Fullerton Hotel, and next time we're bringing friends!

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