Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Linna's first school concert in singapore.

They day before we flew off to Minnesota, we were entertained by our 3-year-old at her school concert and kindergarten graduation. Linna is in the nursery program at a local school in Singapore, so this concert was done in both Chinese and English.

As always, Linna was adorable in her little costume, and it was so fun for us to watch our little girl on a stage performing for the first time. Although I am a huge fan of all things glitter, make-up, and ruffles, I was kind of surprised by the costume selections for this "church school" concert. I loved that they went with ruffly dance-type costumes for the girls, but I guess I just assumed that the kids would be dressed pretty modest and more "plain". Some of the older boys were dressed in a midriff-showing sparkly top with white pants, which I found to be a bit "different"... but whatever. I was, however, pleasantly surprised with the little girls' costumes.

The concert was late in the afternoon, and lasted almost two hours, so Linna was EXHAUSTED on stage for the final number. She loves singing, dancing, and performing though, so she fought her way through it.

The next day at 3 a.m., we were on our way to the airport to fly back to Minnesota. Nothing like cramming it all in!

(Linna and all the nursery students singing "Jesus Loves Me". She's right in the center.)

(Kindergarten graduation processional.)

(All the students and teachers singing "Forever" for the concert's finale.)

Papa Saigh brought Linna flowers. She was beaming!

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