Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ready steady go kids.

Over the last several months, our 3-year-old has been attending the Ready Steady Go Kids sports program in Singapore. Every Sunday, our little family of three hopped in a taxi and headed to Bukit Timah's "The Cage Sports Park" to watch Linna learn some new sports for about an hour. Back home in Minnesota, kids usually start playing tee-ball, soccer, or other sports around this age, and community teams are set up so parents can watch their kids first sports games. This was our Singapore version, and after a fun-filled couple months, we are SO bummed that our term has come to an end!

The kids waiting for the "Big Bad Wolf's" next cue: Jump? Run? Crawl?
(Video of the "Big Bad Wolf" exercise game. Very cute!)

Linna learning to balance during an obstacle course.

The kids learning how to hit a ball off a tee. So cute!

Ready Steady Go Kids is Australia's largest multi-sport and exercise program for kids age 2.5 to 6 years old. In Singapore they have four locations across the island. We loved watching Linna learn how to play tee-ball, hockey, AFL/Rugby, and many others. It doesn't get much cuter than watching a bunch of 3-year-olds running around, jumping hurdles, and learning how to swing a baseball bat or a hockey stick.

(Video of Linna hitting a ball off a tee.)

The coaches and teachers during Linna's term were fantastic! They are so energetic, and are great at keeping the kids' attention during the 45-minute sessions. They lead the kids in cheers, songs, and games that were all focused on keeping the body moving (they do give the kids plenty of water breaks too). Nothing was ever competitive (they don't have competitive games/matches), and it was a fun way for little ones to learn the basics of the sports they may pick up when they're a bit older. Also, since we don't have a field or grassy area for Linna to run a round in at our condo, we took full advantage of having access to The Cage Sports Park. Plus, this is a great way to keep kids active on the weekend, while mom and dad sit back and watch their kids learn and enjoy themselves (we all need a break at some point during the weekend)!

Working on her ice-hockey skills!

Practicing her batting skills with Papa Saigh.

This was so darling! The kids learning how to field a ball.

One of the many fun games they played at Ready Steady Go Kids.

The program also offers sports classes in local schools, and they provide activities for children's birthday parties in Singapore. My hope is that Linna learned some basic skills of the various sports she tried out during her time at Ready Steady Go Kids. Maybe one day Mama and Papa Saigh will be in the stands cheering her on, while she plays for her high school sports teams!

(Video of Linna learning how to handle a football. Haha!)

Ready Steady Go Kids
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